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In this space this week, feel free to click below to hear two minutes worth of excerpts from Pope Francis' surprise TED talk, given this week at a TED Conference called "The Future You".

The First Church in Swampscott
Church Council 

Jim Kinchley, Chair
David Silva, Treasurer
Jen Reames, Nursery School Liaison
Michelle Steingiser, Clerk
Elaine Clarke
Karen Rose Brown
William Key
Diane Pagnotti

Save the Date....
Sunday, June 4th


Dear Church,
Peace be with you all during Eastertide!

Eastertide is the season that we live into to promise of new life and renewed life in Christ and with each other.  We live as if Easter Sunday is every day!  And we are blessed with so many possibilities for this new life at First Church!

The concert last week was amazing.  Our own Patty Clarke, with Brittney Betts and Thomas Palance brought levels of musicianship and artistry that were awesome!  Pamela and I were really glad to have made it there.  The sanctuary was full too!

I am also so grateful for our lay leaders and Rev. Debra Adams for leading worship at First Church.  I heard great things!  I had originally intended to have a quite day for myself, but that Sunday morning I felt called to go to worship at Zion Baptist in Lynn, and to be with that community in their sorrow.  It was a powerful and sacred service.  

There are some very important things to think about in the week ahead...  The Ham it Up talent show (May 5), the Annual Perennial Swap (May 7), a Big Brunch Sunday meeting after church (May 7), and next Monday, an invitation to a march and rally for immigrant justice (May 1st). 

Our annual Ham it Up Church Family talent show and dinner is happening on Friday, May 5th, starting at 6 PM.  Dan Ryan is coordinating the talent portion, so feel free to contact him about performing that evening.  The dinner will have a Cinco de Mayo theme, with a make your own Taco (and/or) Baked Potato Bar.  There will also me fun drinks (MOCK-tails) and desserts. The suggested donation is $10 pp, or $20 per family, and the proceeds will go toward defraying the cost of summer camp for several of our teens.  All the youth who attended Camp Silver Lake last summer are returning, with other youth attending other camps.  Here is a picture called Camp Counselor Essentials from the great summer of 2016.

May 7 will be busy after worship and wonderful during worship :-) Bring a perennial to share, and take a perennial to plant yourself.  We will have a light lunch in Clarke Hall, and the members of the Church Council will share news of various issues and ongoing projects, and members of ministry teams are invited to share their news as well.  One item that caused some recent excitement was with our fire alarm system and company, and lots of unexpected attention from the Fire Chief! 

Finally, ECCO is calling us to participate in an action in Lynn on Monday (May 1st) 

Here is their Bl urb for Bulletin and Announcements

Immigrants in this country are under attack. On May 1st, ECCO's immigrant leaders will be joining thousands of immigrants around the country to fight back, staging a massive "Day Without Immigrants" strike in order to demand permanent protection, dignity, and respect. They will choose not to go to work, not buy products, and not go to school, to demonstrate that our country cannot operate without its immigrant workforce and consumer base.
ECCO is calling on YOU to stand with our immigrant leaders on May 1st to show that we ALL demand permanent protection, dignity, and respect for immigrants in this country, regardless of who is president. Together, we will demonstrate that no one stands alone, that an attack on immigrants is an attack on our whole community.
Teach In: 1-4pm, 112 Exchange St, Lynn
March: 4pm, Starting from Lynn City Hall, 3 City Hall Square, Lynn
Rally: Immediately following the March, also at City Hall, 3 City Hall Square, Lynn

God Help us all!
Pastor Ian