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Farewell for now, Fodors!
Natasha's 19th PMC
Where are they now?
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August 6-7, 2016

The First Church in Swampscott
Church Council 

Jim Kinchley, Chair
Lorraine Follis, Clerk
Karen Pagnotti, Treasurer
Holly Brauner
Isabel Park
Jen Reames, Nursery School Liaison
Michelle Steingiser
George Potts

Peanut Butter CHALLENGE
Please bring in jars of PEANUT BUTTER in August.  Bring in these items to Sunday worship, and put in the Food Pantry basket. 


The Best of Broadway at the Marblehead Little Theatre continues their run this weekend. The show features our own Karin Anderson and friends!  Some shows are already sold out, so check out the MLT website for further details.

The final Concert on the Terrace will take place on Sunday, August 28th at 5 PM (NOT 3 PM as advertised in Chime Notes), and the 43 Church Street teen band, who are advised and managed by friend of First Church , Brian Maes.

Dear Church,

In the recent past, two dear saints of the church passed away,  Peg (Margaret) Wenninger and Dot (Dorothy) Gregory. If you click on the names - the links will take you to their obituaries.  Peg and Dot were long time members and very active leaders of the church during their time, and before I became pastor.  I never had the honor to know them, but many of you have very fond memories and continuing connections with their families.  We give thanks to God for their life of faith with First Church, and pray for their families.  God love them all.

We have much to give thanks for!  This Sunday will be interesting as we wrestle with the somewhat cranky prophet Jeremiah in worship, but then look forward to our final summer oncert on the lawn at 5pm with "43 Church Street" - a pop and classic rock band.  Come and enjoy the fun and song.  

The children will finish their adventure on Everest.  Janet promises all kinds of fun:
We are going to do a wrap up on Sunday, August 28th, with some of the favorite games
from this summer.  
  • Cleaning up and responsibly disposing of the "debris" from Everest
  • Making prayer flags
  • Video of Jordan Romero and/or summit video
  • Yak Relay (porter and yak)
  • slime/snowball toss
  • rope maze
  • base camp ice relay
  • frozen tee shirt
Homecoming Sunday is September 18.  This will be action packed - with youth-led worship, baptisms lunch afterwards with a congregational meeting, and the confirmation class kick-off with youth from Salem Tabernacle.

But before that - we are going to have special service of remembrance on Sunday September 11 - the 15th anniversary of the tragedy. 

God help us all, 
God bless us all
Pastor Ian