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CUL Interim President & CEO Releases Statement on Tomorrow's Dan Ryan Shut Down Protest
"Violence, particularly gun violence, has taken an overwhelming toll on African-American communities in Chicago, disrupting lives and halting futures. Many individuals and organizations in our communities, including the Chicago Urban League, are fed up and understandably demanding change. While a shutdown of the Dan Ryan expressway will temporarily affect traffic, we hope that everyone will recognize and respect the rights of citizens to peacefully protest to bring greater attention to a far more disruptive, urgent issue." Barbara Lumpkin, Interim President & CEO
CUL Student Ambassadors Chronicle China Trip Online
It has been 6 days since our student ambassadors landed in China, and they have taken us along for the journey via social media. Check out their blogs, photos and videos that are posted daily on as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Search for all posts using the hashtag: #CULChina2018
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