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From UCC Disaster Ministries
     As we seek to live out our vision of "A just world for all" and our expression of how we do this through the 3 Great Loves (Love of Neighbor, Love of Children and Love of Creation), responding to those in need during a time of crisis/disaster is imperative. Please continue to pray for those along the Gulf Coast and let us also not grow weary or forget the countless others who continue to recover from disasters in the US or those in distant lands who have been impacted by landslides, floods, drought, etc. 
     We live in tumultuous times of uncertainty where hopelessness abounds and so as the United Church of Christ we have the honor, privilege and calling to be a beacon of hope by expressing our love of neighbor, child and nature therefore, I would like to offer up a few options for all of us to humbly respond:

Pray! Continue to pray for survivors and responders.

Give! Financial contributions following disasters allow for flexibility in responding to the need at hand.
Volunteer! UCC Disaster Ministries holistic approach focuses on the long- term, families and communities that can't recover on their own. Sign up to volunteer at:

Prepare! Be prepared for disasters so that you are not another statistic and are able to assist those in your community who have been impacted.
Donate! Collect items to assemble CWS cleanup buckets (you may bring the buckets to the PNEC for transport to CWS). Engage local businesses, friends, family and coworkers. Don't forget that UCC Disaster Ministries has matching grants to assist you.

Stay informed! Continue to receive updates and important information.

May God continue to bless you and your heart for service.  -- In Christ, Zach Wolgemuth, UCC Disaster Ministries  



CWS Clean-Up Buckets & Hygiene Kits

for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Please Click Here for full flyer and instructions


Building a partnership by Building a Clinic in Guatemala


Many of you have contributed funds to this 

project, but maybe you would actually like

to help build the clinic in Monte Margarita, Guatemala.  Here's your chance:  Amigos de Guatemala's next trip is October 28 - November 4.  Contact Gilberto Garcia Rodriguez at or Roger and Karen Heim at if you are interested in joining him and a small team of other PNEC folk to work side by side with our Guatemala friends  (We plan to send medical teams when the clinic is finished - hopefully in the late Spring 2018.)

     Rev. Jennifer Valentine from First Congregational church in Southampton, MA is looking for housing and mission opportunities for approximately 20 youth and leaders from their association as they travel to the Regional Youth Event in 2018.
     They are looking for a Lehigh Valley Area PNEC Church that would be willing to host them and possibly connect them with some mission projects.  They are planning on arrival the evening of July 15th.  They would like to do some mission work July 16th & 17th, visit Hershey on the 18th, and then head to RYE on the 19th.  
     They are willing to stay at a church and use shower facilities at a local YMCA or Fitness Center, or if you have shower facilities at your church that would be even better!
    If this is something your church can accommodate, please call Rev. Jennie at 508-572-5564.  Thank you!
The Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry...
a four class series in Old & New Testament studies.  The second class - Old Testament II is scheduled for Oct 21st, New Testament I is Dec. 9th and New Testament II is on Jan. 13, 2018.  Our UCC History & Polity class normally scheduled for this Fall has been rescheduled for the Fall of 2018.  Please go to to register online or print off the PDF registration form attached to this announcement. Reading assignments and pre-class writing assignments can be found on the 2nd page of the registration.  Deadline for registration is August 5th. These classes are excellent forms of continuing education for our Licensed Ministers or for laity interested in expanding their biblical knowledge.  We hope you will take advantage of this educational opportunity close to home.
Mark your calendars.....                           

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Faith UCC, Center Valley
9AM - 3PM
Guest Speaker:  Lee Barrett
Lee Barrett is the Mary B. and Henry P. Stager Professor of Theology at Lancaster Theological Seminary where he has taught since September 1993.
Please click here for registration flyer



PNEC SleepOut for Homelessness 2017

September 23 (6PM) -24 (8:30AM), 2017

St. John's UCC

1415 Rising Sun Rd., Laurys Station

for YOUTH in grades 7th through 12th

 ALL adult chaperones MUST complete the Safe Child Disclosure Form.  Those adults who are sleeping over must apply for and provide copies of PA Child Abuse and Criminal Background checks.


Please CLICK HERE for a flyer and also a registration form and sponsor form.

Children's Sermon
for September 3 (based on Mt. 16:21-28):
Items needed: folding chair; 12 inch ruler.  After kids come up, sit in chair and take shoe off (can also remove sock.)   Hold up in air and ask kids what this is---a foot.   Then bring out 12 inch ruler and ask what this is--a foot.  They both have same name, but different meaning.  Last week, one of Jesus' followers, Simon Peter, called Jesus the Messiah, or, the Savior.  But like this foot at the end of my leg is very  different from this foot on the ruler, what Simon Peter means  by Savior and what Jesus means by Savior are very different.   Simon Peter thought Jesus as Savior would be like a movie star or a king.  But Jesus knew that  Messiah, Savior, meant doing whatever needed to be done to serve God, even if it meant dying on a cross.  To follow Jesus means to do what we think God wants us to do, even if people don't agree. 
- Rev. David Quinn
announcements ANNOUNCEMENTS
Installation - September 24 - 10:45AM - Rev. Kenneth Hess will be installed as pastor of Flicksville UCC, 1337 Lower South Main  
                         St., Bangor.
Installation - October 1 - 3PM - Revs. Cecilia & Jameson Baxter will be installed as pastors of New Creation UCC, 3730 Nicholas St., Easton
Scott Brooks-Cope is scheduled for right knee replacement surgery on Friday, September 1.   Prayers are most welcomed.  Scott is the Director of Pastoral Care for Phoebe Ministries.
Jim Stanley, Licensed Minister, serving St. John's UCC, Wapwallopen and St. Peter's UCC Hobbie, had rotor cuff surgery at the end of July.  He will be in a sling for 6 weeks and start physical therapy in mid September. 


5 - Easton AMC Clergy - Trinity, Mt. Bethel
6 - Noon - Allentown AMC - Jordan UCC, Allentown
7 - Southwest (SWAMP) AMC Clergy - Superior Diner, Emmaus
9 - 9AM-Noon - Conference Creation Team Meeting - First UCC, 151 S. 4th St., Quakertown
13 - 9AM to 3PM - Marks for Ministry Meeting with Holly Millershank from MESA for All PNEC Ministry
Committee members - Conf. Office
14 - 9-11AM - Licensed/Commissioned Mentor Group - Conf. Office
19 - 9:30AM - Licensed/Commissioned Ministry Committee - Conf. Office
20 - 9AM - Ordained Church & Ministry Committee - Conf. Office
21 - 6PM - Supper - Search & Call Team - Conf. Office
23-24 - PNEC SleepOut - St. John's UCC, Laurys Station
24 - 10:45AM - INSTALLATION - Rev. Kenneth Hess - Flicksville UCC, Bangor
26 - 9-11:30AM - Joint Conflict Resource Team - Conference Office
26 - 9:30AM - Ordaining MID Committee - Conference Office
28 - 2PM - Meeting of the PNEC Ministry Committee Chairs - Conf. Office

                      FOR THE FULL LIST OF DATES...
The Alan Miller Collection of Books    graphic-bookstore-people.jpg
and Robes are on display at the Conference Office and available for FREE.  Please visit the Office and make your selection!  (Call before making a special trip 610.826.3113 to be sure we are here.)
Upcoming online webinar specifically for interim ministers on Sept. 28.
The webinar will be led by Rev. Gail Irwin, author of Toward the Better Country and Rev. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister for Stewardship & Financial Development, MA Conference.  Copies of the resources; Toward the Better Country (book) and Living Legacy (digital download) will be received by participants for a significant discount with the $10 registration cost.
Living Legacy will also be discussed in a workshop at the Church Building and Loan Fund Partners in Building event, Sept. 22/23
Ministry in Times of Church Discernment and Closure:
Webinar for Intentional Interim Ministers

     Presenters: Rev. Gail Irwin and Rev. Jonathan New
Thursday, September 28 - 2:30PM to 4:00 PM EDT
Serving a church discerning closure is a significant, challenging and unique experience for an intentional interim minister. This online presentation will discuss the theological foundations for helping a church re-shape or close and the unique role of the interim in this process.        The webinar will also present resources for this ministry; including: Toward the Better Country: Church Closure and Resurrection , and Living Legacy: Church Legacy and Closure Resource. The webinar presenters are Reverend Gail Irwin, author of Toward the Better Country and Reverend Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister for Stewardship & Financial Development, MA Conference. Both have interim ministry experience.  Reverend David Schoen, Minister for Church Closure and Legacy (CB&LF) will host this online Zoom webinar being sponsored by Association of United Church of Christ Intentional Interim Ministers (AUCCIIM); UCC Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization (MESA); United Church Funds (UCF) and UCC Church Building and Loan Fund (CB&LF).

Register now for this online Webinar for Intentional Interim Ministers.

Register by Friday, Sept. 15 in order to receive the resources before the webinar.  If you do not wish to receive the two resources; the cost of the webinar is $5. Information for connecting with this online Zoom webinar will be emailed to participants once they register.
For more information or questions contact:
Reverend David Schoen, Minister for Church Legacy & Closure, UCC Church Building & Loan Fund   216-736-3839
SGwilym Williams ScholarshipCHOLARSHIPS
     If you are a college or graduate student who is preparing for a career either as a/an ordained minister, certified teacher or educator, doctor of medicine then you may qualify for a scholarship grant from the Gwilym T. Williams Scholarship Fund
     This Trust Fund, created over a generation ago by a now deceased PNEC benefactor from Scranton, is administered by the Penn Northeast Conference of the United Church of Christ. The purpose of this Fund is to provide financial assistance for post-secondary students enrolled in accredited institutions of higher learning, and who are preparing to embark on a career either as an ordained minister, a certified teacher or educator, or a doctor of medicine.
     Grants are limited by stipulation of the Trust to students pursuing one of these three career options, and who are also currently members in good standing of a PNEC congregation. Financial assistance will be awarded only to help pay the institution-stipulated costs of tuition and/or housing.
     You are required to submit to the PNEC office all application materials (your application, certification of an acceptable program of study, your school's financial bill) before your request will be considered. Application materials must be in our office by October 1st in order to be considered for a grant for the (preceding) summer and/or (current) fall terms, and by March 1st in order to be considered for a grant for the (preceding) winter and/or (current) spring terms. Reimbursement checks will be issued directly to successful applicants. Even if you have received a Gwilym T. Williams scholarship in the past, you must reapply in order to be considered for a new grant. Applicants are awarded a maximum ten grants for undergraduate work, and ten (more) grants for post-graduate studies.
    Please go to to obtain the application packet.
     Please note: your application will not be processed until all three application materials are received in the PNEC office.
Crossroads at Moravian Theological Seminary, Bethlehem is running two fall courses of 8 weeks each.  Traveling Mercies our course on caring ministries begins Thursday, Sept 7 with the Rev. Maggie Wellert and Greg Krausz, Certified Addictions Counselor.  Faith Stories of the Old Testament with Kim Denyes, MATS is a thematic exploration looking at the Old Testament in a new way. Contact Jill Peters,  or go to  for more information.  
Thanks, Dr. Jill Peters
Missional Leadership Developer
Moravian Theological Seminary
 PNEC Boundary Training Workshops
October 4, 2017
Rev. Diane Wheatley, Presenter
8:30AM Registration; 9:00AM to 3:00PM Workshop
St. John's UCC, 183 S. Broad St., Nazareth
Host Pastor:  Rev. Jeff Brinks
Cost:  $20/person
Make checks payable to PNEC and send to
PNEC, 431 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, PA  18071
The cost includes lunch and a workbook that will be handed out at the workshops
October 5, 2017
Rev. Diane Wheatley, Presenter
8:30AM Registration; 9:00AM to 3:00PM Workshop
Faith UCC, 21 Faith Drive, Hazleton
Host Pastor:  Rev. Jane Hess
Cost:  $20/person
Make checks payable to PNEC and send to
PNEC, 431 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, PA  18071
The cost includes lunch and a workbook that will be handed out at the workshops
To register for one of these events, please email Patty Rehrig at  or call the Conference Office 610-826-3113 

Boundary Training needs to be done once every 4 years


For the complete list of churches who are searching for organists, choir directors sextons, pianist, etc., etc., and also churches who are giving away items, please CLICK HERE

What's Happening in Our Churches
(PLEASE NOTE:  We love advertising the "happenings" in our churches, however the list is getting too long for this publication.)
"What's Happening in Our Churches"