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Mass Shooting in Las Vegas


     My heart is heavy as I continue to read and hear about the mass shooting, really mass murder, that occurred in Las Vegas, this past weekend. Please know that I believe we can continue to have dialogue about these topics but I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you.

     As a woman raised by a father who was an Adirondack Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Guide, owning guns was a fact in our life. I have no problem with gun ownership. I actually shot skeet as a young woman. While I affirm the right of people to own firearms of many types, there need to be limits - I cannot fathom a need for fully-automatic weapons, or automatic weapon conversion kits. I cannot presume that we need silencers for hunters for ear protection - for there have been and continue to be more effective types of ear protectors.

      I will continue to pray for the victims and family members of victims who have been murdered. I will continue to pray for rescue workers and for the perpetrators of violence. But I call on us to lift our voices in conversation to develop and enforce reasonable gun control laws (and yes I know that guns don't kill people, but people kill people), encourage understanding across differences, seek tolerance and peace. There is more for us to do than pray. Pray by all means, but act as well.
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A Joint Statement by the World Council of Churches and the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA

     WASHINGTON and GENEVA: The World Council of Churches and the National Council of   Churches of Christ in the USA grieves with the families of those who lost   their lives in the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the   night of October 1, 2017. We pray for those whose lives have been shattered by
this senseless act and lift up those who will be recovering years to come.
     We find ourselves again in shocked disbelief that so many people have been killed and injured by a lone gunman with an   array of powerful weapons, with 58 people killed and more than 500 injured in Sunday night's attack on a crowd of concert-goers.
     Just 15 months ago, the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting was referred to as "the worst mass shooting in our nation's history." Today's news of an act that brings an even higher death toll is indeed devastating.
     "I have been watching the news out of Las Vegas
and have been praying for the victims and their families," remarked Jim Winkler, General Secretary and President of the National Council of Churches (USA). "I cannot imagine why anyone would carry out such an act nor why it would be legal for ordinary citizens to own such lethal weapons. May we unite as a nation to ensure such terrible acts do not take place again."
     "We are again shocked and saddened by this
latest act of brutal violence. Any violence destroys human lives, but nobody is born to be violent," stated Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches. "This tragedy calls for empathy and prayers, but also more efforts to build quality of relations of justice and peace, so that we may have life and life in abundance. As churches, we have a
  shared responsibility to work for a culture of nonviolence in all societies."
     We do not believe the presence of more weapons will prevent future tragedies like this one in Las Vegas and others in Newtown, Orlando, and countless other places,
from taking place. We call upon the U.S. Congress to enact common-sense legislation banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. We recommit
ourselves to working for a society in which acts of violence like these are unheard of, and that people can live, work, and enjoy restorative time without fear.
     View the statement at our website.
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The Penn Northeast Conference Board of Directors
Invites Everyone to
Meet and Greet
the Rev. Dr. Bonnie L. Bates
Our Newly Appointed Conference Minister
Sunday October 8, 2017
Christ UCC, 5550 Airport Road, Allentown
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please join us for conversations and light refreshments.
PNEC Disaster Ministries
Emergency Cleanup Bucket and Hygiene Kit Update
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                    PNEC MINISTRY DAY
Thursday, October 19, 2017
Faith UCC, Center Valley
9AM - 3PM
Guest Speaker:  Lee Barrett
Lee Barrett is the Mary B. and Henry P. Stager Professor of Theology at Lancaster Theological Seminary where he has taught since September 1993.
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ONLINE  UCC History, Theology and Polity Course
Jan/Feb 2018
     A UCC History, Theology and Polity Course  ucc logo
that meets the requirements as set forth by the
UCC Polity Teacher's Network will be offered
online in Jan/Feb 2018. The instructor will be Rev. David Gaewski, Conference Minister of the New York Conference, UCC. Classes will begin at 9:30am and end at 4:00pm on the following dates: January 20&27 and February 3&10. The platform utilized will be Zoom Video Conferencing ( ) The tuition will be $475. For more information contact course administrator, Ms. Diana Pelletier, at
     This polity course is sponsored by the Oneida Association of the New York Conference. Payments should be sent no later than December 23rd to: Diana Pelletier, 114 Munro Dr., Camillus, NY 13031. Make checks payable to Oneida Association UCC.
     A syllabus is available upon request.  Laity, Members in Discernment and Privilege of Call candidates are all invited!   Class size is limited to the first fifteen to register.  The course will be cancelled if we do not obtain seven registered students. A student is considered registered when full payment has been received. Students who cancel enrollment will receive reimbursements up until January 11th. Please note the last two online classes reached maximum capacity.
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Children's Sermon
for Oct. 8 (based on Mt. 21:33-46)

Items needed: piece of white paper, yellow marker, clipboard or some other hard surface to draw on.   Ask for a volunteer.  Then give volunteer the paper and  say to him/her: "I would like you to draw a picture of the sun."  Then ask other kids why volunteer can't do that--he/she doesn't have any thing to draw with.  Give volunteer the marker and the surface to draw on.  Ask them, again , to draw a picture of the sun.  After they do so, tell them they did a nice job, then ask the other kids:  "Now, WHOSE  drawing is this?"  Could say it  belongs to (volunteer's name,) but if I hadn't given them the paper, the marker, and the surface to work on, they wouldn't have been able to make the drawing.    In today's Bible reading, Jesus tells a story about some people who are given some things, just like I gave (volunteer) the paper, the marker, and the drawing surface, but then the people in the story Jesus tells act like it ALL belongs to them.  Sometimes, we make the same mistake.    God gives us the air, the water, and the3 food we need to do work, but then we act  like everything is ours.   Just like (volunteer) couldn't have made   "his/her" Picture without the supplies I gave, we need to remember that we wouldn't have the things we call ours if it weren't for the things God has given us.
- Rev. David Quinn

7 - 9AM to 1PM (please note the ending time change) - Joint Conference Vision and Development Team - Frist UCC Chapel, 151 S. 4th St., Quakertown
8 - 3-5PM - Meet & Greet with Conference Minister, Bonnie Bates - Christ UCC (Schoenersville), 5050 Airport Rd., Allentown
9 - 10AM - Licensing/Commissioning MID Committee - Conf. Office
9 - PNEC OFFICE CLOSED - Columbus Day
10 - 2PM - Staff & Personnel Committee - Conference Office
12 - 9-11AM - Licensed/Commissioned Mentor Group - Conf. Office
16 - 2-4PM - GTW Scholarship Fund Team - Conf. Office
17 - 11:45AM - Blue Mountain AMC Clergy - Schleicher's Family Restaurant, 6937, Rt. 309, New Tripoli
18 - 9AM - Ordained Church & Ministry Committee - Conf. Office
18 - 5PM - Annual Meeting Planning Committee - Conf. Office
19 - (8:30 Registration) 9AM to 3PM - Ministry Day - Faith UCC, Center Valley - Guest Speaker: Lee Barrett
19 - 3:30 - 6PM - Joint Conference Vision and Development Team - Faith UCC, 5992 Route 378, Center Valley (this meeting will follow PNEC Ministry Day)
22 - 3-5PM - Meet & Greet with Conference Minister, Bonnie Bates - Christ UCC, 459 S. Main St., Conyngham

                      FOR THE FULL LIST OF DATES...
The Lehigh Conference of Churches has developed this interfaith statement and it is our aim to get congregations throughout the Lehigh Valley to support this initiative. The Conference is planning a public signing event on November 19th.  Building up to that date we hope to have a long list of individuals and  faith communities who see respect and partnership as the best way forward for our community. 
Dear Friends,  
     In light of the ongoing efforts by the pa conference of churches
current administration to place bans on travel and limit the number of refugees that enter our country, I am sharing an ecumenical declaration put out earlier this year by the National Council of Churches. It is called "Protecting Welcome, Restoring Hope," and can be found at
     I am asking that you consider sharing this with your congregations, as it includes a list of ten things that people of faith can do in response to these actions. 
    Thanks for your consideration.
The Rev. Sandra L. Strauss, Director of Advocacy and Ecumenical Outreach, Pennsylvania Council of Churches, 900 S. Arlington Avenue, Suite 211A, Harrisburg, PA 17109-5024
717.545.4761; Fax 717.545.4765       Cell 717.350.0165


Are YOU interested in serving on the

UCC Council for Climate Justice???
The UCC Environmental Justice Minister, is searching for someone in Penn Northeast Conference to serve on the UCC Council for Climate Justice. Currently, 33 conferences are represented on this relatively new council that has the purpose of raising awareness about climate issues and bringing people together for action. We have monthly video calls at 1 pm on the first Wednesday of the month that typically take the form of a webinar. More about the group can be found here:
Rev. Brooks Berndt
                             Minister for Environmental Justice

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Crossroads Lay Leadership at Moravian Theol. Seminary, Bethlehem will hold an Info Session on Saturday, October 21 at 10 am.  Come and learn about the program and about our Late Fall course - Road Hazards: Congregational Ethics and Decision Making.  For more info on either contact Dr. Jill Peters,
- Dr. Jill Peters
Missional Leadership Developer
Moravian Theological Seminary


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