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     I am happy to greet you as your new Conference Minister. I look forward to working together over the next weeks, months and years. I have a great passion for the church and its journey to improve the world through the Good News, grace, love and blessing of God.
     As some of you may know, I have recently begun my work here after spending 3-1/2 years in judicatory work in Eastern Ohio. Prior to that role, I was a local church pastor and have a deep understanding for the vocation and its responsibilities. As a denominational staff member in Ohio, I worked with search and call, new church development, interim ministers, and congregational vitality. I anticipate some of the same work here. Additionally, we are engaged in conversations with the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference to vision who we might become were we to work more closely together.
     I hope you will take an opportunity to stop in the PNEC office or make a phone call or plan an opportunity to have coffee with me. Two Meet and Greet Open Houses are planned for:
Sunday, October 8 at Christ UCC (Schoenersville), 5050 Airport Rd., Allentown from 3PM to 5 PM
Sunday, October 22 - (Place TBA) - 3PM to 5 PM
     I hope you can join us on one of those occasions.  In any case, I have been warmly welcomed to NE Pennsylvania and I anticipate fruitful work together. I encourage you to let me know if there is a topic of interest or concern to you. You may reach me at my e-mail address or by phone at the Conference Office.
Blessings,  Rev. Dr. Bonnie Bates, Conference Minister
Hurricane Harvey... To keep updated with the UCC's Hurricane Harvey
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CWS Clean-Up Buckets & Hygiene Kits

for Hurricane Harvey Relief

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UCC History, Theology and Polity Course
Jan/Feb 2018
     A UCC History, Theology and Polity Course that meets the requirements as set forth by the UCC Polity Teacher's Network will be offered online in Jan/Feb 2018. The instructor will be Rev. David Gaewski, Conference Minister of the New York Conference, UCC. Classes will begin at 9:30am and end at 4:00pm on the following dates: January 20&27 and February 3&10. The platform utilized will be Zoom Video Conferencing ( ) The tuition will be $475. For more information contact course administrator, Ms. Diana Pelletier, at
     This polity course is sponsored by the Oneida Association of the New York Conference. Payments should be sent no later than December 23rd to: Diana Pelletier, 114 Munro Dr., Camillus, NY 13031. Make checks payable to Oneida Association UCC.
     A syllabus is available upon request.  Laity, Members in Discernment and Privilege of Call candidates are all invited!   Class size is limited to the first fifteen to register.  The course will be cancelled if we do not obtain seven registered students. A student is considered registered when full payment has been received. Students who cancel enrollment will receive reimbursements up until January 11th. Please note the last two online classes reached maximum capacity.

Building a partnership by Building a Clinic in Guatemala


Here's your chance to help build the clinic in Monte Margarita, Guatemala:  Amigos de Guatemala's next trip is October 28 - November 4.  Contact Gilberto Garcia Rodriguez at or Roger and Karen Heim at if you are interested in joining him and a small team of other PNEC folk to work side by side with our Guatemala friends  (We plan to send medical teams when the clinic is finished - hopefully in the late Spring 2018.)

Invitation to Pollinate and Bee the Church


The next 30 days are a Season of Pollination in the UCC! Yes, that's right! This is your chance to bee the church! How might you do that? By

encouraging your friends, church members, and colleagues to subscribe to a fabulous UCC e-newsletter called... The Pollinator. This

newsletter has as its purpose the sharing of ideas

and inspiration in caring for God's creation. To

learn more about how you can help pollinate

via clipboard evangelism at church, social media,

and other ways, click here   

The Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry...
Please go to to see the classes being offered & to register or print off the PDF registration forms. These classes are excellent forms of continuing education for our Licensed Ministers or for laity interested in expanding their biblical knowledge.  We hope you will take advantage of this educational opportunity close to home.
                    PNEC MINISTRY DAY
Thursday, October 19, 2017
Faith UCC, Center Valley
9AM - 3PM
Guest Speaker:  Lee Barrett
Lee Barrett is the Mary B. and Henry P. Stager Professor of Theology at Lancaster Theological Seminary where he has taught since September 1993.
Please click here for registration flyer
announcements ANNOUNCEMENTS
Installation - September 24 - 10:45AM - Rev. Kenneth Hess will be installed as pastor of Flicksville UCC, 1337 Lower South Main St., Bangor.
Installation - October 1 - 3PM - Revs. Cecilia & Jameson Baxter will be installed as pastors of New Creation UCC, 3730 Nicholas St., Easton

Children's Sermon
for  September 17 (based on Mt. 18:21-35)  
Items needed:  several small Tootsie Rolls, or one large one, broken into segments, plastic bag.  Beforehand, unwrap Tootsie rolls, put in bag, and seal.  Show kids bag and tell them it is dog poop.  Ask, what happens if I hold on to this--nothing.  It stays as it is.  But what happens if I offer it to God, by taking it outside and emptying the bag out on to the grass?   It will take time, but God's sun and wind and rain will slowly change this poop so it can grow flowers!   Sometimes I do "poopy" things, which is called sin.  Sometimes, other people do "poopy" things to me, where they sin against me.  Today's Bible reading is about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is like taking this bag of poop outside and offering it to God by  pouring it out on the grass.  Forgiveness is taking all the "poopy" things and giving them to God, so that God can change them (it takes time)  into something in my heart that can grow the flowers of love and understanding. 
- Rev. David Quinn

19 - 9:30AM - Licensed/Commissioned Ministry Committee - Conf. Office
20 - 9AM - Ordained Church & Ministry Committee - Conf. Office
21 - 6PM - Supper - Search & Call Team - Conf. Office
23-24 - PNEC SleepOut - St. John's UCC, Laurys Station
24 - 10:45AM - INSTALLATION - Rev. Kenneth Hess - Flicksville UCC, Bangor
26 - 9-11:30AM - Joint Conflict Resource Team - Conference Office
26 - 9:30AM - Ordaining MID Committee - Conference Office
28 - 2PM - Meeting of the PNEC Ministry Committee Chairs - Conf. Office

                      FOR THE FULL LIST OF DATES...

UCC Resources

has four different webinars offered this fall!

Here's what's coming this month...


ONA 201:  Best Practices for Church Growth Webinar

September 19, 2017

7 to 8:30PM (Eastern Time)

For More Info and or To register, click here


TRANS 101 Webinar

Rev. Mak Kneebone, Presenter

September 26, 2017

7 to 8:30PM

For More Info and or To register,

click here


Click Here  for all ONA Webinars

     Gregg Carlson, the interim Executive Director at the
Center for Progressive Renewal (CPR) while Cameron
Trimble is on sabbatical.
     Even though most of you are well aware of CPR and
their program, some of you might not be.  Without getting
into great detail, CPR is an ecumenical resource center
which was established principally with support from UCC
Local Church Ministries. While their offerings are wide-
ranging, CPR particularly offers resources relevant for new
church starts, renewing ministries, and leadership coaching.
     They have an upcoming November conference:

Also, please know that CPR is a trusted source for online
UCC history and polity:
to address Immigration, Refugees
October 1, 2017
   The Liberty Bell Museum in Allentown will kick off their 2018 special series and exhibition "Immigration in the Lehigh Valley" on Sunday, October 1st with presentations by Rev. Dr. James Moos, UCC Executive Minister, Wider Church Ministries.
     At 4PM, Rev. Moos will give a presentation at the Liberty Bell Museum located in the lower level of Zion's church (620 W. Hamilton St., Allentown). His talk will focus on the Middle East and the Syrian crisis and the Syrian refugee population in the Lehigh Valley.  The public is invited. There is no charge for the museum event.
     The Liberty Bell Museum series will focus on historical waves of immigration to the Lehigh Valley, including German, Jewish, Syrian and Latino families. The series, which runs through mid-June 2018, will include speakers focusing on each of the cultural groups that have made the Lehigh Valley their home.
   The Rev. James Moos is co-executive of Global Ministries, a joint endeavor between the UCC and the Disciples of Christ denominations. Rev. Moos  was ordained in 1986 and became involved with the U.C.C. on national levels and Global Ministries, serving as a volunteer in East Timor in 2002. During a six-year stint on the UCC Executive Council he served as its chair for two years. Rev. Moos enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1976, was on active duty until 1980, and served as a reserve chaplain for the Air Force for 18 years. Rev. Moos grew up on a farm near Streeter, North Dakota and earned a Bachelor's degree from Seattle Pacific University and his Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary.
  REMINDER... GTW SGwilym Williams ScholarshipCHOLARSHIPS...   If you are a college or graduate student who is preparing for a career either as a/an ordained minister, certified teacher or educator, doctor of medicine then you may qualify for a scholarship grant from the Gwilym T. Williams Scholarship Fund
     Application materials must be in our office by October 1st in order to be considered for a grant for the (preceding) summer and/or (current) fall terms.  Please go to to obtain more information & the application packet.
    Your application will not be processed until all three application materials are received in the PNEC office.
The Alan Miller Collection of Books and   graphic-bookstore-people.jpg
Robes are on display at the Conf. Office and available for FREE.  Please visit the Office soon and make your selection!  (Call before making a special trip 610.826.3113 to be sure we are here.)
If you are an authorized minister          
and have not taken Boundary Training within the last four need to sign up!  (If you are retired & not planning on doing any interims or stated supplies, you are not required to take the training.)
PNEC Boundary Training Workshops
October 4, 2017
Rev. Diane Wheatley, Presenter
St. John's UCC, 183 S. Broad St., Nazareth
October 5, 2017
Faith UCC, 21 Faith Drive, Hazleton
Cost:  $20/person
Make checks payable to PNEC & send to
PNEC, 431 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, PA  18071
The cost includes lunch and a workbook that will be handed out at the workshops
To register for one of these events, please email Patty Rehrig at  or call the Conference Office 610-826-3113 
For a full explanation of the Workshops, CLICK HERE
Boundary Training needs to be done once every 4 years


For the complete list of churches who are searching for organists, choir directors sextons, pianist, etc., etc., and also churches who are giving away items, please CLICK HERE

What's Happening in Our Churches
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"What's Happening in Our Churches"