June 16, 2017 Edition - The News Palm Beachers Need to Know

From the Civic Association
Palm Beach Gets Price for Phase 1 of Utility Burial: $10.4 Million
Two firms have agreed to install phase one of the town-wide burial of overhead utility lines for a total of $10.4 million - about $500,000 less than a town consultant projected.
Town Using Switch Cabinets and Transformers for Undergrounding
utility box transformer
In the Town of Palm Beach utility undergrounding project, two types of switch cabinets and two types of transformers are being used. 
Palm Beach Working to Cut Recreation Center Costs While Lawsuit Pending
A lawsuit is delaying demolition and construction on the Palm Beach recreation center but it hasn't stopped work completely. And, it gives the town more time to cut construction costs.
Palm Beach Ratifies New Contract with Union Firefighters
IAF Local
The Town Council unanimously voted Tuesday to pass a resolution ratifying an agreement between the town and the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2928.
Future Palm Beach Elections Will be in March Instead of February
Starting next year, town elections will be held in March instead of February to overcome a conflict between municipal and state elections laws, the Town Council decided.
Ocean Outfall Abandonment Project Begins Monday, June 12
storm drain
The Town of Palm Beach has awarded a contract to redirect storm water discharges to the beach. 
Construction Rules and Hours Still in Flux in Palm Beach
Town officials have yet to agree on changes to construction rules in Palm Beach that will satisfy work-fatigued residents and restriction-weary contractors.
Palm Beach Waiting on Court Ruling Before Passing
Plastic Bag Ban
Sea Turtle Plastic Bag
Palm Beach wants to become the next Florida city to ban plastic bags. But town officials are waiting for a judge to rule on a case in Coral Gables before passing a law that could be undone.
Man Who Beached Yacht in Palm Beach Back in Court
Thomas Henry Baker
Thomas Henry Baker
Thomas Henry Baker Jr., the man Palm Beach police say was drunk on Long Island Iced Teas when he ran ashore his yacht on the island's North End last September, likely will find out his trial date this fall.
Will Palm Beach Be Part of New Palm Beaches Marathon?
Palm Beaches Marathon
The reinstated Palm Beaches Marathon could run through the island this year. Race organizers are working on the route and received permission from the Town Council on Tuesday to meet with Palm Beach officials earlier than normal this summer to discuss the plan. In the past, Palm Beach has not allowed the race to come over the bridge.
When Will We See Some of Jeff Greene's West Palm Projects?
Lannis Waters  The Palm Beach Post
Lannis Waters / The Palm Beach Post
Periodically the question pops up: Is West Palm Beach's biggest property owner ever going to build on his land?
Find Out What Businesses Plan to Remain at Royal Poinciana Plaza
Royal Poinciana Plaza
Residents and shoppers will find many of the same stores and offices in the Royal Poinciana Plaza this fall, but with new looks.
Palm Beach Merchants, Developer Agree on Terms for Testa's Project
Testa proposed
Two weeks of collaboration have helped developers and merchants come to a consensus on how best to manage construction during the upcoming Testa revitalization project.
Plans Move Ahead for Demolition of Testa's in Palm Beach This Summer
The Town Council on Wednesday cleared the way for demolition to begin this summer on the historic Testa site on Royal Poinciana Way.
Redevelopment Underway
Bradley Park Beautification Project Underway
The Preservation Foundation is providing monthly aerial photos for their beautification project. 
Thirteen new directors were welcomed as Palm Beach Civic Association Directors at the Annual Meeting for 2017-2018. This weekly feature will introduce them, two per week in alphabetical order, now and in future editions of "This Week."
Michael Pucillo
Michael Pucillo
Mr. Pucillo has been a lifelong resident of Palm Beach. His parents opened the Petite Marmite restaurant in 1949 and operated it until its sale in 1983. Mr. Pucillo is a graduate of Williams College and Georgetown University Law School. After clerking for two federal judges and working at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, he and his wife, Deborah, settled in Palm Beach permanently. Mr. Pucillo practiced law in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach for 35 years. In 1994 he founded the firm of Burt & Pucillo, serving as managing partner until its merger with a national law firm. He limited his practice to securities litigation, and he represented several of the nation's largest public pension funds. He retired from the practice of law at the end of 2015. 
Paul Shiverick
Mr. Shiverick is a co-founder and co-CEO of Seminole Capital Partners, a global long/short equity investment fund based in New York. Before Seminole, he was a partner of SRG Associates, an equity research boutique, and he started his Wall Street career at Oppenheimer & Company as a stock analyst. Mr. Shiverick is also co-trustee of the Shelter Hill Foundation, a family foundation established in 2003, and he is the co-chairman of the board of the Cancer Research Institute, a New York based philanthropy focused on the development of immunotherapies to fight cancer. He serves on the board of the Clark Foundation, the US Wrestling Foundation, and the American Federation of Children, and he is a member of the visiting board of trustees of the Hawken School in Gates Mills, Ohio. Mr. Shiverick graduated from Northwestern University and received an MBA from Dartmouth College. He and his wife, Betsy, have four children and have resided in Palm Beach since 2006.
George Cohon Honored at
McDonald Canada's
50-Year Celebration
50th anniversary of McDonald's coming to Canada with founder George Cohon, a Civic Association Director. "It was a wonderful celebration with convention of 2500 members of our McFamily, said Mr. Cohon. "Celebrates my 50th year with company as founder."

Coach Dad: Father's Day Surprise [Video]
Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Architectural Commission (ARCOM) Meeting
Town Council Chambers

Thursday, June 29, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Finance and Taxation Committee Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Monday, July 3, 2017, All Day
Civic Association Offices Closed for Holiday Weekend

Tuesday, July 4, 2017, All Day
Independence Day
Town and Civic Association Offices Closed
Thursday, July 6, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Underground Utilities Task Force (UUTF) Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Tuesday, July 11, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Town Council Meeting-Budget Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Wednesday, July 12, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Town Council Meeting-Regular Business and Development Review
Town Council Chambers
Tuesday, July 18, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Wednesday, July 19, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Thursday, July 20, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Code Enforcement Board Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Flagler Bridge Official Says Construction 'Finish Line' is Close
Flagler Bridge
A Flagler Memorial Bridge contractor promised Palm Beach officials and residents this morning that "the finish line is in sight."
Where Will Palm Beach's Henry Flagler Make His Final Stand?
Henry Flagler
With construction nearing completion on the new Flagler Memorial Bridge, it'll soon be time for the bronze statue of Henry Flagler to return to Royal Poinciana Way to face west toward the span named in his honor.
Brian Burns Withdraws as President Trump's Nominee for Ambassador to Ireland
Eileen Burns, President Trump, Brian Burns [Capehart Photo from Policemen's Ball]
Brian F. Burns, the US ambassador-designate to Ireland has withdrawn his name from consideration for the job, citing health issues, IrishCentral has learned. Mr. Burns and President Trump exchanged letters in which the attorney and leading Irish American philanthropist revealed his reasons for stepping aside.
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FSU Zika Expert Awarded $1.8 Million as Part of NIH Study
Hengli Tang
Hengli Tang
Last summer, the Zika virus dominated the headlines. Research continues.
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June Surprise: Twin Tropical Threats to Watch in Atlantic
tropical weather 06-17
The next few days will be quite active for tropical weather watchers, as we have not one but two systems in the Atlantic that each show potential for developing into a tropical depression-an unusual twin prospect for mid-June.
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Dramatic Drought Reduction from
June Rains
Drought 06-15-17
June's heavy rainfall made a dramatic dent in Florida's drought. The U.S. Drought Monitor report released this morning shows only 12 percent of the state in a "moderate drought", compared to last week's report that still had 77 percent of Florida in moderate to "severe drought."
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Traffic Report
Week of  June 12
Click on the link below to download a copy of the construction and traffic report for the week.
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County Budget Plan: Sheriff, IG Lose Enviros Win  on Funding Requests 
Verdenia Baker
The entreaties of Palm Beach County's inspector general did not bear fruit Tuesday night, as county commissioners did not change the proposed budget to include money for the four additional positions he sought.
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Palm Beach County Sheriff Wants to Add 100 Deputies Over Next Three Years
PB Sheriff
Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw wants to add 100 deputies over the next three years, according to a budget proposal released Wednesday.
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Friends of
Palm Beach
Keeping Our Beaches Clean
DATE:      June 17th
TIME:      9:00 am - 11:00 am
Charley's Crab, 456 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach
Park in the restaurant lot. We will be departing there right at 11am for the lunch crowd. 
Diane Buhler
Gov. Scott Signs Opioid Abuse Bill,
 27 Other Measures into Law
Gov. Scott signing bill
Gov. Rick Scott signed 28 bills into law on Wednesday, including a measure to enhance penalties for people who abuse fentanyl, a dangerous synthetic opioid that can be up to 100 times more powerful than morphine.
Scripps Florida Scientist Wins $2 Million Grant to Study Childhood Disorder Linked to Behavioral Problems
Seth Tomchik
Seth Tomchik
The new five-year grant funding will support the study of neurofibromatosis type I, an inherited disorder that results from genetic mutations affecting a protein called neurofibromin. 
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Regular Breast Cancer Screenings Leads to Lifesaving Cancer Diagnosis
Good Samaritan Logo
Laura Ham didn't have a history of breast cancer in her family, exactly. Rather, Laura came from a family of what she calls "lumpy ladies." 
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2017 Intern Blog Series: Week 1
Everglades Foundation Interns
Hi everyone! We are the 2017 John Marshall summer interns, or as we like to call ourselves, the Cleverglade Interns, or CI, for short.
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