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August 31, 2016
2016 Primary Election Results for Town of Palm Beach Districts
2016 election
Here are the Primary Election results for Town of Palm Beach Districts:
Very Light Primary Voter Turnout at the Polls in Palm Beach
2016 Primary Election turnout
Polls opened at 7 a.m. on Tuesday and by 10 a.m., under cloudy skies and the threat of rain, voter turnout started out slow. South Fire Station precincts were reporting under 30 voters, Central Fire Station precincts were reporting under 20 voters, and by mid-afternoon the St. Edwards precincts were reporting only 71 voters.
Florida Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Solar Tax Exemption
Under the proposal, known as Amendment 4, rooftop solar systems, windmills and other renewable energy equipment on homes or businesses cannot be considered by property appraisers in calculating a property's assessed value for property tax purposes, effective Jan. 1, 2018 through Dec. 31, 2037. The amendment also exempts such equipment from state tangible property taxes.
Protect Yourself from Zika by Preventing Mosquito Bites
By Maggie Zeidman

Maggie Zeidman
Maggie Zeidman
The best way to protect yourselves and your family from the Zika virus is to prevent mosquito bites. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito's natural habitat is here in Florida and in those states around the Gulf of Mexico. These mosquitoes are small day biters who need our blood to spawn healthy offspring.  The best way to ensure that mosquitoes will keep their distance from you and your loved ones is to use repellents.
Consumer Reports:
Zika Mosquito Repellents
Mosquito Repellents
Consumer Reports has compiled a list of the best mosquito repellents. They tested 15, and only 5 measured up as products worth trying.
Preservation Foundation
Bradley Park Revamp
Keeps Kids in Mind 
Bradley Park
A proposed $2 million-plus revamp of Bradley Park is keeping children in mind. The plan, proposed in July by the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, includes a miniature replica of a vintage train, complete with Henry Flagler's personal rail car.
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Town Square Renovation on Track
By Thanksgiving, residents will be able to enjoy wider sidewalks and more shade trees in Town Square. The final phase of the Town Square renovation project - street and sidewalk improvements - is on track to wrap up by the end of November, according to Tony Sabatino, project manager with Burkhardt Construction.
Fees for Palm Beach Street Improvement Project to be Set at Hearing
Property owners in the 400 block of Peruvian Avenue can expect to find out how much they'll pay this year for the street's 2014 improvement project at a public hearing set for Sept. 13. The assessments, a fee for the construction work, range from the low triple digits to $5,783 and are to be made in annual payments across 10 years.
Discussions of Faster Internet, Broadband Upgrade on Tap for Palm Beach
Fiber Optic
Residents and the business community will have a chance to hear more next week about plans to bring faster internet to Palm Beach. Town officials and telecommunications consultant Magellan Advisors are hosting focus group meetings Sept. 6 and Sept. 7 to discuss upgrading broadband infrastructure on the island.
Construction Traffic Report for the Week of August 29
Traffic 8-29-16
Download a copy of the construction traffic report for the week of August 29 by clicking on the link below.

Monday, September 5
Labor Day
Civic Association & Town of Palm Beach Offices Closed

Tuesday September 6, 9:00 AM
Underground Utilities Task Force (UUTF) Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Wednesday, September 7, 9:00 AM
Recreation Advisory Commission Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Thursday, September 8, 9:30 AM
Ordinances, Rules, and Standards (ORS) Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Tuesday, September 13, 9:30 AM
Town Council Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Tuesday, September 13, 5:01 PM
Town Council Chambers

Wednesday, September 14, 9:30 AM

Flood Watch
in Palm Beach 
Tuesday's heaping helping tropical moisture delivered the most rain to the area since mid-May, but as Tropical Storm Hermine
gets organized, all eyes are on North Florida and the Eastern Seaboard. 
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Town of Palm Beach Issues 2016 Revenue Refunding Bonds Generating Savings for Taxpayers   
The Town of Palm Beach, Florida (the "Town") issued approximately $39.3 million in Public Improvement Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2016A and $10.2 million Public Improvement Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2016B this week.  
Rating Agencies Affirm Palm Beach AAA Credit Rating & Issue Highest Ratings on 2016 Refunding Bonds
rating agencies
The rating agencies of S&P Global Ratings, and Moody's Investors Service, Inc. have affirmed general obligation issuer ratings for the Town at the highest rating classification given by Moody's and S&P.
Scripps Florida Scientists Shed New Light on the Role of Calcium in Learning and Memory
Dr. Ron Davis
Dr. Ron Davis
While calcium's importance for our bones and teeth is well known, its role in neurons-in particular, its effects on processes such as learning and memory - has been less well defined. In a new study published in the journal Cell Reports, scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) offer new insights how calcium in mitochondria-the powerhouse of all cells-can impact the development of the brain and adult cognition.
Restoration Is a Commitment to Our Sons and Daughters
Over the last 100 years, millions of Americans and international visitors have stepped foot in America's national parks.  National parks bring out the best of our nation and conserving these beautiful resources for future generations is our pride and responsibility.  
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