Have you made any time for QUIET and SOLITUDE?

Too often we don't hear God's voice because our lives are so full of other noise.  Radios, podcasts, Spotify, HBO, Facebook feeds. All these things are fun and great, but maybe we need to PRACTICE some SILENCE and Solitude. 

Set aside a 30-minute period of QUIET sometime this week to LISTEN for God's voice.  Once we become accustomed to hearing God when it's quiet, maybe we can begin to also hear Him in the noise. 


I will BLESS at least 3 people this week--at least one of whom is not part of my church community--through words of affirmation, acts of kindness or a simple gift.  

I will EAT Together with at least 3 people this week--at least one of whom is not part of my church community.

Okay, so you've decided to set aside some time for QUIET in order to hear God's voice... what do you do now?  

This week, Cal Popa gives us some helpful ways to approach our time of silence and solitude. 

It's that time of year again when we move kids up to the grade level group they will belong to in the Fall.  Don't worry, Summer isn't over yet, but we're just getting a running start to the next school year.  

Summer is a busy time when most of us are in and out on vacations, hikes, and late-morning brunches at our favorite place.  But, you can still help support our mission even when you are away.  

Maybe nothing is more critical to growth of our community in the Summer than our online giving tool.  Give it a try today! 

Thank you for your generous contributions!
Current Monthly Giving:

August 2017 Budget: $12,500
August 2017 Contributions:  $840.00

Previous 2017 Giving: 

July 2017 Budget: $12,5 00
July 2017 Contributions:  $13,008 .92

2017 Year-To-Date Budget:  $87 ,500
2017 Year-To-Date Contributions: $94,042.72

Thank you for your generous contributions to our community of faith, hope and love.

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