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August 11, 2017
GUITAR    |    BANJO      |    MANDOLIN    |    FIDDLE      |    PIANO & KEYBOARDS  |    and more 
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Rick Danko_ Electric bass
By Rick Danko
Download $24.95 
David Bennett Cohen - Hammond Organ
By David Bennett Cohen
Download $24.95 
Peter Madcat Ruth - Rhythm Harp
Percussive Techniques for Blues Players 
By Peter Madcat Ruth 
Download $24.95 
Beyond Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar
Backup Techniques for Intermediate and Advanced Players
By Steve Kaufman
Download $24.95 
Amos Garrett Rock and Roll
Classic Grooves of the Great R&B Players
By Amos Garrett
Download $24.95 
Pete Wernick _ Bluegrass Banjo Backup
Basic Level
By Pete "Dr. Banjo" Wernick
Download $24.95 
Levon Helm Teaches Classic Rock, Country and Blues Drumming
By Levon Helm 
Download $24.95 
Preston Reed - Acoustic Playing
Expanding The Realm of Acoustic Playing
Download $24.95 
Natalie Haas Cello
Nick Forester
By Nick Forster
Download $24.95 
Professor Louie Accordion
A Complete Course for the Beginner 
Download $24.95 
Sam Bush - Rhythm Mandolin
Chops, Strums, Timing, Accents and Accompaniments
By Sam Bush
Download $24.95