"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe."
~St. Augustine
The Gospel for this Sunday , the day which we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord, has a lot of theological significance filled with irony and the fulfillment of many Old Testament prophecies. One of the simpler messages, however, is the ability to see through the eyes of faith something so much more than an ordinary child born in poverty and humility but instead a veritable King of kings. Matthew tells us that the magi prostrated themselves before the tiny boy – an act associated with divine worship . They present him with astonishing gifts – gold for his kingship, frankincense for his divinity, and myrrh for his humanity.  The example for us? Offering him the very best we have to give - our very self, our hearts in praise and thanksgiving. As you prepare for Mass this weekend, here are some questions for reflection: Do I come before the Lord with reverence and do I offer my heart to Him? If not, what is holding me back?
This weekend:
  • Regularly scheduled Reconciliation (Saturday at 11am) has been cancelled today due to a funeral and burial. Fr. Art is the only friar on duty and, though he would if he could, he can't be in both places.
  • Sunday at 1pm - monthly Teen Mass, all are welcome!
  • After Mass Social is expanding - this Sunday, the Knights of Columbus host coffee and donuts after the 8am Mass. The next post-9:30 Mass social is January 21st.
  • Fr. Purcaro, who was scheduled to speak about the Augustinian Missions this weekend, has postponed the trip here until the weather is better!
Save the Date - Saturday, January 27th for the Knights of Columbus annual Winter Warmup Dinner/Dance. For info contact Phil D'Agati .
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