"Lord, may I be a perfect lover and knower of Your Wisdom." ~St. Augustine
In Sunday's Gospel reading , Jesus tells a parable which gives us a glimpse of wedding customs in ancient Palestine. A woman was “betrothed” to her husband but would live with her own family for a few months. On a designated day, the groom would come to claim her, leading family and friends to a wedding celebration to start their life together. If he decided to come at night, lamps would be needed to guide the travelers on the dark narrow streets. People were not allowed out at night without a lamp! We are “betrothed” to Jesus in Baptism who calls us to be prepared through lives of holiness and devotion until He comes to lead us to the heavenly wedding feast at the end of time.   Though we do not know when that will be, we do know it will be. “Lord Jesus, grant me the wisdom to be attentive to your voice that I may heed your call at all times. May I find joy in your presence and delight in doing your will.”  
Sunday November 12th - 1pm Teen Mass
Celebrant: Fr. Ray Dlugos, OSA
All are welcome!
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