"No one does anything good unless aided by Christ's grace. What we do badly comes from ourselves; what we do well, we do with the help of God."  ~St. Augustine
In this Sunday's Mass readings , we hear, for the third week running, a parable relating the kingdom of God to a vineyard. This parable tells us much about privilege and responsibility. Just as the master in the parable ensures that the vineyard is well equipped, so too does God provide us all that we need to achieve His purpose for us, including both the means and the freedom to achieve that purpose however we like. While we may take advantage of that by turning away from Him, He is patient and forgiving though His justice and judgement prevail in the end. The Lord blesses us with the gift of his kingdom and He promises that, if we labor for Him, our work will not be in vain, but will bear much fruit.  
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