So many amazing moments happen each day during Wild! Kids Camp. Yesterday morning was one of those inspiring moments – a deep discussion about resources among a group of 6 to 11 year-olds, with four different first languages – and we wanted to share it with you. Click the video above to see!

Our friend Goma Mabika had stopped by to share a story from the village where he was born. This led to a moving conversation among the kids about the necessity of people and our relationship with money. Rather than give away too much, we invite you simply to watch this video excerpt. It's just over 2 minutes long and will give you a taste of what we all experienced.

The discussion of people vs. money is also relevant to our organization. These last two weeks, we welcomed twelve more refugee children to attend than we had sponsorship for. As part of our mission, we do not turn anyone away simply for lack of funds. Our team chooses people over money. At the same time, that's $4500 USD which ultimately comes out of the team's pay. Personally, I would like to see our team be supported and sustained for their hard work, which makes it possible for moments like what you saw in the video to occur. (And their work begins long before camp and continues long after camp ends.) 

Wild! Kids Camp wraps up today. Let's celebrate the team's integrity by also helping to sustain them in their lives financially. Would you be willing to make a contribution within the next 24 hours to help cover that $4500?

With Gratitude for your Support,

Jesse Wiens

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