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Jeff Rants About the Wave...
Issues That Come Up, Excite People and Then Go Away. 
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This is Not Going Away...
The longstanding Supplier Distributor business model that
we have become accustomed to continues to be challenged. 
Recent news that supplier BEL Promo acquired an online distributor company, Branders.com brought this issue to the forefront...again. 
BEL Promo also operates Discount Mugs, a "distributor" company that sells mugs and a full line of promotional products to end users at prices similar to distributor net cost.  
The distribution lines in our industry are getting blurred and there are no easy answers to this situation. In our article, "This Issue Won't Go Away", we offer some commentary on this hot topic. 
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The Wave.... 
This Issue Won't Go Away 

Some topics never really go away. Like "the wave" in a stadium, an issue comes around...there is a lot of standing up, screaming, arm waving, then it passes by just as quickly as it came.

But like the wave, it doesn't mean the arm waving and conversation on a hot topic isn't important to have once in a while. I know this has been addressed before, but based on the fervor over this in multiple discussion forums, it seems worth revisiting again.

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