Excited that in May, my glass was here - on this fabulous new curved digital display - representing ArtPop (with other artists) at Ballantyne Village.

BIG thanks to Wendy Hickey for ArtPop & Dennis Boyle of Awedience Media for amazing opportunity!!

Except for private studio visit, June is last chance - for now - to see my new glass in person & collect some available wall & table top pieces.

(Union Shop Studio will host a pop up exhibition with Ballantyne Village - formerly Art in the Village - artists June 17 & 18. See this link for details.)

Wall mounted WIP
June 17 (5:30-8:30pm) & June 18 (11am-3:30pm) is our LAST UNION SHOP STUDIO EVENT.
June is our last month at  Union Shop Studio. ( Chris will be moving encaustic set up back to our home studio.)

I'll have new (& few older) glass works available. IF you've been wanting to collect a piece, now's the time! 

(Can't make it? I do private studio visits. Email me & we'll make it happen.)

Stay Tuned...
Summer in Charlotte means hot & three kilns mean HOT studio. (Thank goodness for mobile AC units!) Lots of great glass projects in pipeline... working on prototypes and smaller collectable works.

Here is one of my wall mounted pieces in a lovely glass collecting couple's home in Colorado!! Part of my process is experimenting with different arrangements of my glass wall composites. 

(After our studio visit, I gave them hanging template with the glass - like always - and they decided to hang it vertically. I love it!!)

In addition to creating new glass works, I continue exploring public art applications for my glass & printed variations. Will keep you posted!

I'm heading to Penland School of Crafts in August to learn glass blowing. (Really excited to also be volunteering to work Penland's annual auction prior to two week session! Will continue my kiln glass... but, this will open up many more possibilities.)

You may have heard about the battle between Bullseye Glass and the Oregon governor. An agreement has been reached. Bullseye Glass (only glass I use) will continue to produce many gorgeous colors, but of course, there will be a price. 

(All Bullseye Glass is going up 12.5% August 1st!! This means my prices will too.)

This one's looking for new home.
Water is my inspiration. Did you know that I was a watercolor painter first? 

My college concentration was watercolor & I even won first place in a NC Watercolor Society show in mid 1990's. (& my two paintings in show sold before show even opened!)

Mostly, I painted large scale figures in water. This one is a pivotal piece & personal favorite.(One of few "men in water" painted in 25 years!)

Why else would I still have a painting of mine from 1991 hanging in our home?! (I'm not one of those artists who keeps their work around.)

However, it's rather large for our small house & has been hanging on only wall spacious enough for nine years. We're ready for a change! (I'd rather not store it.)

So, it's available for $1200. (Custom framing was done by the incredible Kassandra of Applewood Gallery. Almost a decade ago, custom frame job was $600!) 

Frame is 24.5"x44.5" & is hung with two D rings on back. All materials are archival & glass is UV. Watercolor, itself, is 22"x30" on 300# archival watercolor paper. Painting is glued to acid free mat backing. Warm off-white, not bright white, paper/mat. (I used archival glue since too difficult to use paper hinges when I first framed it, by myself, in early 1990's!)

IF you like what you see here, you'll love the original. This dark brown frame will go well in a fine home - either modern or classical because of clean lines. Want more info or better pic? Let me know. I will deliver if in Charlotte area. Can be shipped for additional charge. (FYI, it's a heavy piece & shipping won't be cheap!)

Finally, because it is the ONLY piece from this time I have access to, I'm selling it with a special note. (I've never sold any piece with strings... but, this is different since there are maybe a dozen quality, large scale figure in water, watercolors of mine.) 

IF you buy this piece, I want to A) be able to buy it back if you decide you don't want it later, and B) I might want to borrow it for retrospective-type show down the road.

I rarely get sentimental about my art, but as mentioned this is very significant painting - for a number of reasons. It's simply too big for our tiny house & I would rather someone enjoy it than to box it up!!