Whispering Energy
WE 'Life Celebration' Experiment
January 2011

We've had so many people watching the recording of the first Intro webinar to The WE 'Life Celebration' Experiment Webinar that tomorrow at MIDNIGHT we've decided to pull it down just before the FINAL LIVE offering.


So if you haven't yet watched it...


Head here now to do so before it's too late.

Now on another note...... I've got some very exciting news for you.


Because we've been receiving so many emails from people telling us how they much loved interacting LIVE in the Webinar and in http://sacredgroundcafe.com Video chat room...

I've decided to do ONE very last encore presentation this Thursday, Jan 6th at 9am PST/Noon EST


Where, once again, I'll be in the chat room answering all your questions and communicating with you LIVE starting at 8:30 am PST/11:30 am EST.


To access the event, please register right now so that you will be assured to get on the webinar LIVE.



If you need help figuring out what time 9:00am PSTis for you, use the Time Zone converter here:




I look forward to chatting with you this Thursday,

Malathy Drew
Whispering Energy

P.S - Please note this is the very last Encore presentation I'll be holding before the Official Launch Date on January 11, 2011.


....so be sure to mark down 9am EST/Noon EST in your diary now if you want to join me or if you can't make it on Thursday make sure you...

Check out the recording HERE before MIDNIGHT Tonight as it will definitely be coming down.


p.s.s.  Please don't forget to use the Social Media Share Buttons to Spread this message to friends and family that you want to join you in the experiment! ;-)

'WE can do so much more TOGETHER, than You (I) Alone!' ~ Malathy Drew