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A moment of fun; a lifetime of pain

The best jobs are the ones where you get along well with your co-workers and can share a laugh now and then. But if the laughs turn into practical jokes and horseplay, then the job can get dangerous. When David Collins was just 16, working a summer job at a resort, nobody thought to explain that to him or his co-worker. A joy ride in a utility vehicle ended with David lying on the ground in the dark, wondering if he'd be able to walk again. Now he shares his story to promote safety, especially for young workers.
Let's put on a show!

Doing good is good for us. And doing good as a team is good for morale. Turn your next employee event into a fundraiser for Threads of Life families. Here's an idea from our Partnerships and Fundraising staff:

Outdoor Movie Night is a fantastic, family-friendly event, that has the potential to be a significant fundraiser while providing a wonderful evening(s) entertainment for your organization or community. Many companies specialise in providing the full outdoor cinema experience including the large screen, sound systems and even the movies to be shown, making it a very easy event to put together.

By outsourcing to a specialist outdoor movie company, your event's profit will be reduced but you will avoid issues such as copyright infringement. This is also the type of event that you can run multiple times to create a "season" of movie screenings and in the process secure an ongoing fundraising revenue stream.
We have a job for you!

In the next few weeks, our amazing volunteers will set to work planning Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy - the 2018 version. The 30 walks across Canada are volunteer-run, with support from Thread of Life staff. There are roles on the planning committees focused on sponsorship, promotion, logistics, and more. There are also opportunities to help out on the day of the walk with everything from registration to face-painting. Volunteering for Steps for Life is a great way to meet others in your community, and to pay it forward for health and safety and for families affected by work-related tragedies.
Giving through the United Way 

Each fall, workplaces across the country launch fundraising campaigns to support their community through their local United Way Centraide office. Did you know that you can direct all or a portion of your United Way donation to Threads of Life's family support programs and services? Donating through your workplace campaign, or setting up a payroll deduction to make a charitable contribution through the United Way can be a simple and effective way to support Threads of Life. To direct your United Way donation to Threads of Life, fill in your United Way donor form and indicate us by our legal name, Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support, and our Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Business Registration number No. 87524 8908 RR0001. You'll be helping people find hope and healing after a workplace fatality, life-altering injury, or occupational disease.   
Swing for Safety golf tournament  

Thanks to all the golfers and organizers of the Swing for Safety golf tournament in Woodstock, Ontario this summer. Hosted by Grand River OHS, the tournament raised $2,700 to help Threads of Life families and prevention efforts. Your support makes such a difference!
Here's your brain on stories  

We all love a story, whether it's the picture book you chewed on when you were three, or a chat with your colourful uncle today. But did you know stories are also a great way to get your point across when conducting health and safety training? In our Threads of Life blog this month, we look at some of the science behind storytelling and why it helps people remember and act on the safety message.

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