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February , 2017
Dr James G Wellborn

To make up for last months downer topic, this month Stranger in My House has info on helping your kid relax.  The Library has some upcoming seminars Dr. Wellborn will be conducting including a digital citizenship fair at a local middle school.  The Family Room dives deep with info on cave exploring.  And, the Family Theater lets you vicariously feel like you're suffocating with documentaries on cave exploration.
There's A Stranger In
My House
Recent blogs about raising teens.   
Meditation & Relaxation For Teens
When your kid is stressed, when the pressure builds, when there is lots of chaos and disruption in their lives, meditation and relaxation can really help.  Unfortunately, teenagers HATE strategies that have them sit quietly, turn off their cell phones (WHAT!?) and not think; especially when they need it most. If you are worried about your kid stressing or if you know that your kid is really hard on themselves, encourage them to try meditation or relaxation. Here are quick guides to 6 different forms of meditation and relaxation.

Basic Meditation
Progressive Relaxation
Self-compassion Meditation
Positive Mental Rehearsal
Loving Kindness Meditation
Guided Imagery Meditation     
The Library
Useful information for parents of teens

This 4 hour seminar for parents and kids focuses on essential parenting strategies for teens, improving communication, establishing an alcohol and drug policy and developing a fair and effective discipline plan.  You and your kid get to practice some of the techniques right there in the seminar (in the privacy of a meeting room full of other families).  It is relaxed, informative and fun (at least for the parents).  And there is food!  Join us for the next seminar on Saturday, March 11 from 8-12.   You have to register first though. Find out more and sign up.  

Meigs Magnet Digital Citizenship Fair
On March 3 from 3-8PM, Dr. Wellborn will be one of several featured speakers to kids and parents about cyber safety, appropriate online behavior and protecting your internet presence.  Find out more here

The Family Room
Activities that bring families together
Do the dreary days of winter make you feel like crawling in a hole and hibernating?  Then spelunking may be the ideal family adventure to consider.  Tennessee has LOTS of places for an underground family adventure where you can barely breathe and tons of rock could come crashing down at any moment. FUN!  Check this out. 
Family Theater
Movies that are more than entertainment
To prepare for your spelunking family adventure (or in place of it), here are some documentaries for family movie night that will take you down into some amazing caves from around the world.    
Giant Crystal Cave (G)
Documentary: In 2000 a cave was discovered in Mexico with features unlike anything ever seen before. Astounding. Find out more about this and several other documentaries on caves and cave explorers worth watching.   

You can find all kinds of resources including an extensive list of movies that have a point by visiting the resource pages over on my website. The links in the right margin of this newsletter will take you right to them.
There is still some Winter left.  Don't waste it!


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