Dearest Alums,  

The Christmas Pageant was this past Sunday, and as I watched the Carol Choir and Joyful Noise move into place for “I Saw Three Ships”, it was so easy to see all of your faces—out in the aisles as little people, dancing and clapping!  I imagine most of you still remember the dance.  

Ms. Page has an incredible legacy here, and her history here is also yours. The anticipation she always had at your return for Christmas Eve was palpable, as was the joy she had at seeing each of you so happy to see each other.  

We will rehearse this coming Friday night and since so many of you have signed up, I know we are going to have an incredible group!  

Friday, December 23:
  • Beginning about 6:30pm in the Assembly Room - sign in, pick up music, enjoy a snack or cider, reconnect with other returning alums
  • 7PM - we'll move to the Sanctuary for rehearsal

Saturday, December 24:

  • 6PM in the Music Room - warm up
  • 6:30PM in the Sanctuary - pre-service music begins
  • 7:00PM in the Sanctuary - service begins
Please take the time again to look at the pieces below, and in particular to run the “Bethlehemu" several times.   Thank you again for your willingness to serve in this special service. (Click on the links to download PDFs of the music.)
The trickiest one at first might be the “Betelehemu”, but it is definitely the most fun. Here is a  YouTube clip of a choir at USC singing it which I think is pretty good.  The repeats they take will be ours.  In fact, there are some improvised solos at the end that  we will probably do.  

Of course, you will sing “Thou Shalt Know Him.” I did not include that here, because I thought most of you could just sight read it. Many thanks for all the prayers and love so many of you have sent. I am so looking forward to seeing all of you!  

Joyfully at this Christmas,  

Patty Thel

If you have not already let us know that you will be singing with us on Christmas Eve this year, please click the link and fill out the Sign Up Genius form. PDFs of the 4 anthems as well as 2 hymns are available there.