THIS SUNDAY at Georgia State Stadium.
The Hunger Walk raises funds and awareness for hunger relief through a sponsored 5K event each Lent. This year you can support the youth (and others) participating by making a donation from the St. Luke’s Team Page, which can be accessed from the News tab on the church website. Each year, thousands of Atlantans help support the work of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which started right here at St. Luke’s, by taking part. All are invited! Go to to find out more. 
Loaves & Fishes
Loaves and Fishes meets at 6 p.m. this Sunday at the home of Ken Baggs and Warren Williams (4124 N. Ivy Rd. NE | 404-237-5791). Bring a dish to share and your beverage of choice. Tea and soft drinks will be provided. Loaves and Fishes is a social gathering for St Luke’s adults to be in community the last Sunday evening of each month. For more information or to be added to our email list, contact Susan or Stan Reid ( |770-396-4041). We hope you can join us for all or any part of the evening. 
If you aren't able to worship with us on Peachtree Street this Sunday, joins us via the Internet.
Lent at St. Luke's
You’re invited on twin journeys this Lent as our parish focuses on mindfulness. Mindfulness considers health, place, time, experience - which leads to the second journey - making our way to Jerusalem. No, not literally; but we will count our steps as a community hoping to rack up enough miles to figuratively make it to the Holy Land. In our times together - Sunday mornings, Soup and Scripture, EYC, etc. - we will focus on both of these journeys with a goal of reaching Holy Week ready as never before to embrace Resurrection.
Mind Full or Mindful? Class for Youth THIS Sunday
Matt Wagner leads this class especially for our youth. Mindfulness is practiced in a variety of ways, and we will focus on exercises that can help promote present-moment connection, improved concentration, and acceptance for unpleasant events. We will learn different methods for anchoring our attention in meditation practice and explore how to be mindful of thoughts and emotions.” Part II (Mindful Eating) is March 11. 
Soup and Scripture  Join us starting this Wednesday, Feb. 21, and every Wednesday in Lent, for our annual mid-week luncheon and reflection. The Rev. Dan Matthews will take us on a Journey to Jerusalem, each week unpacking scripture, a sense of place and history. You will be nourished in body and soul. We begin serving at 11:45 a.m. and the program concludes by 1 p.m. $8 at the door.

TRACKING YOUR STEPS  Help the parish rack up 6,450 miles by engaging in physical activity and reporting it to our Journey website: On Wednesday at Soup and Scripture, we'll announce how many miles we've racked up so far. After the first week, we had 1,087 miles! That got us to Bermuda!

Tokens for the Journey As each of us works on mindfulness during our Journey to Jerusalem, we invite you to take a St. Luke’s token along with you. When you discover special, sacred places or moments, leave one of our “clay” tokens to commemorate the holy experience. They are biodegradable and will go back to the earth becoming a part of all that is. The tokens are in baskets around the church and near the exits. Please take a few and be prepared to find special moments along your journey.
Reflections for Lent by email
Sign up at to receive reflections from St. Luke’s parishioners and clergy this Lent. If you subscribed to the Advent Reflections, you will be automatically added to this year’s Lenten Reflections by email.
Announcements & Opportunities
Women’s Cancer Support Group meets Thursday, March 1 at noon in the Library. Bring a sandwich if you like and we will have drinks. Friends are welcome. Please contact Meg Moye ( if you plan to attend. 
Holy Baptism graphic

The Rite of Holy Baptism will be celebrated next at the Easter Vigil, April 1. If you wish to have your child baptized, or are an adult prepared for baptism, please contact Michelle Jemmott at 404-873-7616 or Deadline for information is Monday, March 19. 
In February we’re collecting for Forever Family, an organization thatworks with children whose parents are incarcerated. One of their most important programs is taking the kids to visit their parents and we’re collecting items to make that trip a little easier:
+solid color foam neck pillows (adult or child size)
+deck of cards (Uno, Old Maid, Fish)
+pocket-sized crossword puzzle books, word search books, and/or Sudoku books.
Contemplative Night Prayers | Sunday, March 4, 11, 18 at 5 p.m. in Wilmer Chapel
As part of our mindfulness practice and our Lenten journey, we invite you to worship with us on Sunday evenings  March 4, 11 and 18 in Wilmer Chapel at 5 p.m. This worship will include silence, quiet music, prayer and scripture. St. John of the Cross said that silence is God’s first language. Mother Teresa said that silence is God speaking to us. Practicing silence itself is participation in God’s being, experiencing God’s presence within us. We will pray the Night Prayers from the New Zealand Prayer Book. The imagery and prayers offered in this service draw us to an awareness that we are part of the human whole, members of a larger humanity acknowledging our creaturehood before God, the great Creator. What better way to round off the day and prepare us for a quiet night. 
Good Samaritan Care Team
On Sunday March 4, St. Luke’s will begin providing services through Good Samaritan, our new lay pastoral care ministry, for any parishioner in need. Good Samaritan is a lay-led pastoral care team of lay members providing short-term care to parishioners, such as errands to a doctor or grocery store, meal delivery, light housework, etc. This ministry’s leader, Jeanne Daniels, will work with The Rev. Horace Griffin, associate for Pastoral Care, and coordinate schedules with volunteers each week. Each Sunday there will be a Good Samaritan volunteer in the Reception Area documenting requests for pastoral care needs for that week. Requests can be made following the 9 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. services in the Reception Area, by contacting Jeanne Daniels ( | 404-895-5959) or by filling out a Good Samaritan form on the St. Luke’s homepage ( 
Got Old Jewelry? ... One of the Cathedral’s guilds is collecting vintage, estate, and contemporary costume jewelry, including damaged pieces and single earrings, for a fundraiser to benefit good Samaritan Health Center Friday Clinic. St. Veronica’s Guild collects, cleans, repairs and recreates the items for its fall sale. Donations may be left for Cherlyn Mitchell at the Recpetion Desk. 
For more about what is happening at St. Luke's:
Sunday Schedule - February 25, 2018
8 a.m.|Holy Eucharist    
9 a.m.|Holy Eucharist
10:15 a.m.|Christian Education for all.    
10:15 a.m.|Youth Confirmation Class|Room 202
11:15 a.m.|Holy Eucharist    
12:15 p.m.|Coffee Hour| Parish Hall
12:30 p.m.|Hunger Walk| Offsite
2 p.m.|Children-Youth Search Committee|Library
4 p.m.|Bridge Builders (Church group)|Wilmer Chapel
6 p.m.|Loaves and Fishes|Offsite

No Sunday 2.0 this weekend because many schools are on Winter Break.

Some of our Junior and Senior Choristers are away singing in Nashville at the Nashville Cathedral Chorister Festival at Christ Church Cathedral this weekend. We keep them in our prayers as they sing and travel home Sunday evening. 

Remembering Women in the Struggle for Civil and Human Rights | Dr. Vicki Crawford | Parish Hall
While women played key roles in the Civil Rights Movement, far too often their contributions have gone unnoticed or been marginally recognized at best. Women were on the front lines of twentieth century social change, leading local and regional organizations, serving as attorneys, educators, faith leaders, student activists, and assuming a number of other important roles. Dr. Crawford will focus on women’s activism, especially those lesser-known advocates, as we explore the risks and sacrifices made to advance the cause of civil and human rights. Dr. Vicki Crawford, holds a Ph.D. from Emory University in American Studies, concentrating in 20th century African-American studies and is the executive director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Collection at Morehouse College.

Mindfulness Practices | Elizabeth Wilder Young | St. Luke Room
In this week we will learn different methods for anchoring our attention in meditation practice and will explore how to be mindful of thoughts and emotions. We will introduce the concept of using self-compassion as a critical component of mindfulness practices.

Enneagram as a Tool for Spiritual Growth | Lisa Boswell and Elaine DeCostanzo | Parkins Room
EfM members will lead an exploration of Enneagram, an ancient tool for understanding human personality with roots in the earliest Christian monastic tradition. We will explore the gifts and challenges of each of the nine “types” with an emphasis on spiritual growth and relationships. Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile’s book, The Road Back to You, will serve as a roadmap for this study and it is recommended that class participants purchase a copy of the book (available on Amazon). Confidentiality will be expected among all members of the class.

Inquirer’s Membership Class | The Rev. Dan Matthews | Wilmer Chapel
This class is for those who are pursuing full membership at St. Luke’s or just wanting a refresher. All are welcome!

THE ALTAR greenery is given to the glory of God.
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