Volume 1, Issue 62| February 8, 2018
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This Sunday, we will celebrate the Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday. Pastor Kimberly is back with us and she will be preaching about the Transfiguration of the Lord and how it relates to our lives today. We will also be doing a really fun activity during Tea Time that you won't want to miss. And don't forget to join us for our Ash Wednesday Service at the church. Soup supper at 6:30 followed by walking the Labyrinth at 7:30. Please bring a friend.
Tad Hopp
 Communications Coordinator
 Presbyterian Church in Chinatown
A Message from Pastor Kimberly
Hello Everyone!
 I am excited to be back at PCC, just in time for Lent!
 And I am really excited to share with you a discovery I made during my sabbatical that I will talk about this Sunday, February 11 th . It is called The Gospel of the Beloved Companion.
Many of you know that there are a variety of gospels that were circulating when Christianity was still young, before it became the religion of the state under Constantine. Some of those were discovered in a cave in Egypt, which gave us many of the Gnostic Gospels, such as the Gospel of Thomas, Judas, Phillip and Mary.
 Once the church became Romanized, these gospels were deemed 'heresy' by the church and many of them were burned and banned from discussion. But how do we define 'heresy'?  What was so threatening to those in power that they were forbidden from even being discussed?
 Into this context comes The Gospel of the Beloved Companion. It is a first century document, originally written in Greek and has been kept for centuries by the spiritual community called the Cathars in Southern France. The gospel is said to have been written by Mary Magdalene herself. It is not the gnostic gospel that we have been aware of since 1945. This one is a complete gospel (without pages missing) and is very similar to the Gospel of John, with some significant differences. Each time Mary Magdalene is mentioned, she is referred to as 'The Companion, The Beloved of Yeshua (the Hebrew name of Jesus)- or simply, 'The Beloved Companion'.
I will be introducing the gospel this Sunday as part of Transfiguration Sunday. Transfiguration is connected to transformation which includes the transformation of society. How do both the Times Up! Movement and the #MeToo movement inform the transformation of Christianity? Where are the places we as the church universal need to reflect on how women's voices have been silenced or suppressed over millennia? How might these texts such as the GBC, which are filled with spiritual beauty, bring new life and new meaning to Christianity?
 I invite you to come explore these questions with me on Sunday.
 Blessings to all
 Pastor Kimberly

Upcoming Events:
February 6 - Worship & Nurture Committee Meeting
February 13 - Presbytery Meeting at Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church
February 14 - Ash Wednesday Service
February 18 - First Sunday of Lent
February 20 - English Commission Meeting
Come join us for our annual Ash Wednesday service. We will begin with a simple soup supper at 6:30 followed by our traditional walking of the labyrinth at 7:30. All are welcome to attend this special service in the life of our community.
There will be a Presbytery Meeting at Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, February 13th. This will be a special meeting for our community as Israel Hao Guo will be officially presented as a Commissioned Lay Pastor for the Mandarin Worshipping Community. All from PCC are invited to attend and witness this special event in the life of our community!

And on March 11, 2018 at 5:00PM at PCC, please join the Mandarin Worshipping Community for the Commissioning Worship Ceremony of Israel Guo Hao to be the Commissioned Pastor for the Mandarin Worshipping Community. Dinner will follow after worship service in the Fellowship Hall. RSVP for dinner please.

And on Wednesday, March 7th, all are invited to attend the next gathering of the Western Region of San Francisco Presbytery. The meeting will be held at Sturge Presbyterian Church in San Mateo. We will gather for dinner at 6:30 PM so please bring a dish to share. We will have a time for fellowship, singing, praying, and discussion. All are welcome to attend. Please join us for this special occasion.
“We are stewards. We are all stewards. God has entrusted us with the light of Jesus Christ to share with the world.” 
PCC is attempting something new in 2018 with our stewardship campaign. Rather than having stewardship be something you only hear about once in a sermon, we are instead going to start a year round model of stewardship. Be sure to listen during the announcements time at Church about how this will be happening. And of course, all info will be shared in the E-News as well. And begin thinking about all the ways that you can be stewards of the light both in your own life and in the life of others. Stewardship isn't just about money. It is about all the ways in which you live your life. So, this week we invite you to explore the following questions:
1) How have you seen God in your life this week?
2) In what ways can you be stewards of the light to others over the course of the next week?
We encourage you to share with someone else this week your answers to these questions. Invite someone out to lunch or call them on the phone. In whatever way you do it, we'd like for you to have a dialogue about how you are a steward of the light of Jesus Christ.
And that's something that we will be exploring over the course of 2018. Hope you'll be willing to take the journey with us.
Tad Hopp & Dave Miller
As our Valentine's Day gift for each of ten (10) SafeHouse residents, we will gather on Sunday, February 11, to put together the bags. This year we decided on something easier: to purchase $10 Target Gift Cards and Valentine Candies. The cards will enable the residents to make their own personal-item needs. And thanks to Nancy Chee and Marie Chin for making bracelets (red beads, of course!) to include.   Just purchase $10 Target Gift Cards and/or Valentine Candies and bring on Sunday, February 11.    Thanks for your participation. The residents very much appreciate being remembered on Valentine's Day. Contact Mildred if you have any questions.

On Monday, February 19, WF will meet at Sabrina Gee-Shin's home for a Hot Pot (da been low) dinner and fellowship (6:30PM). We will all participate by bringing the ingredients to cook. If you would like to join us, please RSVP soon to Mildred and she'll forward details and more information for you.
If you want to spend a nice Sunday afternoon cheering on a hard-working, energetic team, come on out to the last couple of Cameron House basketball team games at the Alameda Point Gym! So far, the team is 3 - 2.
  • Associates on Sunday, February 11th at 2:10 PM
  • Taisho on Sunday, February 18th at 2:10 PM
  • Play-offs the weekend of February 24 -25, schedule TBD
Questions? Contact Anson Ho 
A New Way to Give to PCC
Some great news for our congregation. You can now make a gift online to support your church community! Click on the "Give Now" button at the bottom of the PCC home page. Click here to go to the PCC website
You can also donate directly through the donation page.
You can also click the Give Now Button at the bottom of the E-News and that will also take you to the donation page. Or you can scan the QR code on the right and be taken directly to the Donation page.
You select how you would like your gift to be made and which worshipping community you would like it to go toward. You can add a note if you want to dedicate the gift to someone special. You can also add a note to indicate your pledging #. For questions about how to give, see Tad Hopp. For questions about your gift, see Dave Soohoo or Winchell Quock.
The Deacons would like to give special thanks to the following people for taking the time to provide treats for Tea Time for everyone to enjoy.
2/11 Jean Chin & Richard Jann
2/18 Birthday Cake
2/25 Kathy Tong & Bradford Woo
If you're interested in providing treats, please sign up on the Bulletin Board in the Fellowship Hall. If you’d like to make a monetary donation towards tea time, see Dayton Leong. Also, it would be great if people could help with clean-up after Tea Time. The more people that help, the less time it will take. 
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About the Church
  Presbyterian Church in Chinatown is a family oriented church active in the community and fully embraced in the spirit of Micah 6:8  To do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.
Whether you are just visiting, searching for a home church, or have questions about your faith, Christianity or the Bible, we invite you to explore everything we have to offer. "Empowered by God's love through Christ, we welcome, celebrate and serve our community."
Our English Worshipping Community worships together at 10:45 AM on Sundays followed by Tea Time at noon. Feel free to join us this Sunday!

Presbyterian Church in Chinatown 
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The church has no parking lot, and on-street parking is difficult in Chinatown.
Parking garages include  [Portsmouth Square] ,
Another parking option on weekends is Golden Gateway Garage for $3. A shuttle runs up the hill to Chinatown every fifteen minutes. The church will validate your parking. 
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