Volume 1, Issue 70| April 5, 2018
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Table of Contents
  1. Tad's Tidbits
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Women's Fellowship
  4. Updates and Fellowship Time
  5. Kimberly's Kaleidoscope
  6. In The Loop
  7. Gifts and Talents
  8. Pastor Kimberly's Sermon
  9. Re-Imagine Conference
  10. Presbytery Day
  11. Giving to PCC
  12. Tea Time Info
  13. General Church Info
   Tad's Tidbits
Hello everyone, I hope you are all recovering from Holy Week.  I hope y'all were able to make it to our Easter Sunday service. It truly was a special experience for everyone in attendance.
This Sunday also promises to be a special one. We will have an update during Tea Time from a couple of our committees about the work of the church. And we will sing songs and have a special mixer activity. More information about it can be found below. It should be a lot of fun. Reminder that this Sunday is also Sabbath Sunday/Communion Sunday so plan accordingly.
Hope to see all of you on Sunday.
Tad Hopp
 Communications Coordinator
 Presbyterian Church in Chinatown
Upcoming Events:
April 8 - Teatime Update (see more info below)
April 15 - Pastor Kimberly away; Deb McGuire preaching
April 16 - Women's Fellowship (see more info below)
April 17 - English Commission Meeting
April 22 - Carnival Support for Cameron House (more info to be disseminated at Tea Time)
April 29 - Presbytery Day
May 1 - Worship & Nurture & Mission & Evangelism Committee Meetings
Women's Fellowship
W.F. will meet in the PCC Fellowship Hall MONDAY, APRIL 16, for dinner and study of  Hope in Sabbath Rest. "Sabbath rest is more difficult to maintain in America. Yet, if we keep what Sabbath we can, we find our hope rebuilt."   Let's discuss together as we look at  Cloud of Witnesses: The Community of Christ in Hebrews . Read Lesson 7 in your study book. And, in addition, or if you do not have study book, read these scriptures: Hebrews 11:1-3; 3:1-19; Psalm 95; Hebrews 4:1-11 and 6:9-12. 

Dinner?   Want to bring D essert? L et Mildred know. Otherwise, come at 7:30 ready to discuss with Linda leading us. 
Updates and Fellowship Time
The English Commission recently discussed ways to keep the positive momentum going from our Town Halls that were held in the Fall. Two pieces of feedback that were lifted up were that this community likes to participate in fellowship and relationship building activities together, and that this community really likes music and loves to sing! So this Sunday, we are planning an 'Updates and Fellowship" gathering during tea time.
While the personnel committee is still processing the feedback given in the survey, there will be a brief update from the personnel committee, as well as the adaptive leadership team. Commission members will also share a partnership activity that is in the works with Cameron House regarding Carnival Preparation for Sunday, April 22 nd . (If you are interested, please mark your calendars for 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. on April 22 nd  and more details will follow).
In addition to updates, we will also SING together - (A song from Godspell!) and have a mixer that includes song!
Kimberly's Kaleidoscope
Hello Everyone! Well, we are in the Easter season - and after our celebration of the resurrection, we remember that the story of Easter is not over in one day. God still invites us to train our eyes to see the new life and renewal that God is bringing forth in our midst.
Here are some ways we can participate in the Spirit of Christ's resurrection:
-In my sermon on Easter I mentioned a KQED Radio Forum Program. Michael Krasney interviewed psychologist Rick Hanson who uses some of the latest scientific research on the brain to share techniques on how to notice and hold the good things that happen in our lives, which leads to greater health and well being. Here is the link to the podcast:
Some people have also mentioned they would like to be of service to the congregation and have their gifts greater utilized. So - in the service of using your God given gifts to serve the community, it would be helpful to know what your gifts and interests are so that you can be called upon to serve! We circulated index cards a few weeks ago and some of you responded. If you have not yet filled out an index card, you will have another opportunity this Sunday during our Sabbath Sunday lunch. Don't be shy! We would love to know your special skills and interests so that we can respond if a need arises!
So in summary, this Sunday during our Sabbath Sunday lunch, we will participate in:
-Playful ice breakers that include music
-Brief updates from Commission, Personnel and Adaptive Change team
-Singing a song from Godspell together
-(Optional) opportunity to write an interest or gift you have on an index card that can be used in service to the church.
All of this comes after worship where we will share communion together and continue to reflect on the Easter story.  Hope to see you this Sunday!
Pastor Kimberly 

In the Loop
Commission Update
By Elder Susie Wong
The English Elders continue to respond to feedback from our December worshipping community meetings, seeking to increase communication by sending out a summary of our Commission meetings.  If you missed it, the first summary was posted by Diane in the E-news on March 15 th .
The Commission held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 20, from 7-10:30pm.  Agenda items included:
-Personnel Committee: Received an update from the Survey Taskforce by Carl Jew who, along with Heidi Wong, is doing an analysis of the 65 survey responses received, which they hope to complete by mid-April.
-Pastors report: reviewed Kimberly’s activities for the past month and approved a study leave from April 9-12.  Pastor Kimberly to start sharing her monthly report in the E-news (via a link), with confidential information about pastoral care removed.
-Pastoral Assistant Report: Reviewed Tad’s activities including outreach to youth and improvements to Facebook and E-news.
-Clerk of Session Nominees: The 2 other worshiping communities have been encouraged to nominate a replacement for Eddie Kam over the last 2 years, but could not, so the Commission will seek an English member to fill the position. 
-Church renovation: The Commission received an update and approved an expenditure for a dinner hosted by Dave Chan for the 6 people on the restoration team.
-Town Hall Meeting Follow Up – will update the congregation after tea time on April 8 and plan a time for food, fun fellowship with music to give the congregation the opportunity to continue to strengthen relationships. 
-Lunch with the CH Club Youth – Commission members agreed to provide a light lunch and spearhead a workday inviting the English Worshipping community to provide support to youth while work ing on Carnival. The announcement for this will be made on April 8 th . The date has now been confirmed as April 22 nd
-Consistory Retreat –seeking a date for the Elders and Deacons to meet this summer. Possible topics and agenda items for this retreat were also discussed. EC will discuss with deacons before any final plans are made. 
-Deacon’s terms: discussed changing to a 2-year term to help with nominations. 
-Committee Reports from Treasurer, Mission & Evangelism, Worship and Nurture, Nominating, Resource and PCC Partnership Committee.
The next English Commission meeting is Tuesday, April 17, 7PM at PCC
Pastor's Log
In the spirit of improving communication, Pastor Kimberly and the English Commission have decided to also share Pastor Kimberly’s monthly pastor’s log. The stories of visits to various church members have been omitted, however, to protect privacy (and if a visit was particularly confidential, it is simply reported to the Commission as ‘confidential pastoral visit’ on X date). A summary of the number of visits is listed at the bottom of the pastoral reports. The reports run for one month at a time, from the time of one commission meeting to another. For February of 2018, there is only a half month, since Pastor Kimberly returned from sabbatical half way through a commission cycle. The practice of writing reports is not new, but has been submitted to the Commission for the last seven years. If you have questions about any of the items in the report, feel free to follow up with Pastor Kimberly or email her.
Gifts and Talents Survey
Recently, Pastor Kimberly asked the congregation to submit their gifts and talents on an index card. The following gifts and talents were submitted:

Doing miniature watercolors/ landscapes; Strong back; walking; reading; Organizational Skills; I enjoy planning vacation trips that are reasonably priced; I have knowledge what to expect if you are making a claim on your long term insurance coverage; Organizing - “stage management”; flowers; greeting; listening; empathy; personal finance/ budgets; Crafts; music; cooking; listening; tell stories; Organizing; Dance; singing; music; swimming; trumpet; prayer; I make friends easily; I play the piano and the organ; I speak Mandarin; Shanghai dialect and Cantonese; Sing; writing poetry; taking beautiful photos; Bilingual (Chinese & English); multi- cultural; computer literacy in many languages; farmer; urban planner; public speaker; World History teacher; I love to craft; the gift of the poet; writing prayers or litanies; piano/organ; some leadership skills; Health Education; Coach running & lead relay teams; Coach basketball; lead group backpacking; washing dishes; hosting; singing; playing piano; Hospitality; Martial Arts; sharing on leadership or teaching on public speaking; I can draw; I can write; I can volunteer time; Draw; Art: Drawing, painting, singing; Dog (animal care); Baker; photography; the joy of interacting with young kids; data analysis; fundraising

Thanks to the following people for submitting their gifts and talents to us:
Clinton Huey; Susie Wong; Winchell Quock; Diane Go; Jeanette Wei; Bruce Der-McLeod; Naomi Chun; Jim Caldwell; Pat Chan; Carole Chinn-Morales; Linda Lee; Mildred Hall; Kimball Wong; Laurene Chan; Barb Fong; Elijah Wong; Mary Wong Leong & Dayton Leong

Didn't get to fill out an index card? No worries, we will have more at Tea Time on Sunday for you to fill out.
Pastor Kimberly's Sermon
Weren't able to be at church on Sunday? Or were you just so captivated by Pastor Kimberly's sermon that you need to hear it again? Well, you're in luck!
Click here if you'd like to listen to some of her previous sermons:
Reimagine Conference
The 2018 Reimagine Conference sponsored by the SF Interfaith Council is coming up soon. For more information on the events and goings on at it, click below.

A New Way to Give to PCC
Some great news for our congregation. You can now make a gift online to support your church community! Click on the "Give Now" button at the bottom of the PCC home page. Click here to go to the PCC website
You can also donate directly through the donation page.
You can also click the Give Now Button at the bottom of the E-News and that will also take you to the donation page. Or you can scan the QR code on the right and be taken directly to the Donation page.
You select how you would like your gift to be made and which worshipping community you would like it to go toward. You can add a note if you want to dedicate the gift to someone special. You can also add a note to indicate your pledging #. For questions about how to give, see Tad Hopp. For questions about your gift, see Dave Soohoo or Winchell Quock.
Presbytery Day
At our next Presbytery meeting, we will host the Rev. Dr Tod Bolsinger, Vice President of Fuller Seminary and author of Canoeing the Mountains. His lecture is entitled, "Becoming an Adaptive Presbytery."
Dr. Bolsinger will speak from 1 to 3 PM. There will be a brief Presbytery plenary meeting from 10 to 12 PM.
The meeting will be held at Valley Presbyterian Church in Portola Valley on Saturday, April 28.
  Tea Time
The Deacons would like to give special thanks to the following people for taking the time to provide treats for Tea Time for everyone to enjoy.
4/8 Sabbath Sunday
4/15 Birthday Cake & Donor's Treats
4/22 Al & Shar Hall
4/29 Gilbert & Eunice Lee
If you're interested in providing treats, please sign up on the Bulletin Board in the Fellowship Hall. If you’d like to make a monetary donation towards tea time, see Dayton Leong. Also, it would be great if people could help with clean-up after Tea Time. The more people that help, the less time it will take. 
Church Officers -
Elders: Susie Wong; Linda Lee; Jeanette Huie; Sing Quan; Nancy Chee; Diane Go; Stan Wong
Deacons: Pat Chan; Dayton Leong; Rachel Wong; Desi Ng; Eddie Kam; Richard Jann; Jerrick Woo; Stuart Go
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Deadline for E-News
All news and requests must be submitted to our Communications Coordinator, Tad Hopp, by Wednesday at 6 PM. 
Newsletter will be sent out on Thursdays.  
About the Church
  Presbyterian Church in Chinatown is a family oriented church active in the community and fully embraced in the spirit of Micah 6:8  To do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.
Whether you are just visiting, searching for a home church, or have questions about your faith, Christianity or the Bible, we invite you to explore everything we have to offer. "Empowered by God's love through Christ, we welcome, celebrate and serve our community."
Our English Worshipping Community worships together at 10:45 AM on Sundays followed by Tea Time at noon. Feel free to join us this Sunday!

Presbyterian Church in Chinatown 
925 Stockton St
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The church has no parking lot, and on-street parking is difficult in Chinatown.
Parking garages include  [Portsmouth Square] ,
Another parking option on weekends is Golden Gateway Garage for $3. A shuttle runs up the hill to Chinatown every fifteen minutes. The church will validate your parking. 
Public Transit
Buses that pass near the church are the 1 California, 30 Stockton, 45 Union-Stockton, 8X, 8AX and 8BX plus the cable car.
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