Volume 1, Issue 74| May 4, 2018
Your weekly look at what's happening

Table of Contents
  1. Tad's Tidbits
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Kimberly's Kaleidoscope
  4. Charie Reid's Sermon
  5. SFTS Distinguised Alumni Award
  6. PCC Calendar
  7. In the Loop
  8. Cameron House Carnival
  9. Chinese Culture Foundation
  10. Living Water World Mission
  11. Craft Day
  12. Presbytery Regional Gathering
  13. Giving to PCC
  14. Tea Time Info
  15. General Church Info
   Tad's Tidbits
Last Sunday's service was our annual Celebrate the Gifts of Women Service. The Women's Fellowship did a lovely job planning it.
This Sunday, I hope you'll join us for worship. I'll be preaching about the importance of music and singing in our lives and in our world. It is also a Communion and Sabbath Sunday so make sure to stay after worship for fellowship with your fellow church members. And don't forget about Cameron House Carnival tomorrow. I know everyone at Cameron House has been very busy putting it together. It is a very busy but also very good weekend in the life of our church. Hope you can join us for all of it!
Tad Hopp
 Communications Coordinator
 Presbyterian Church in Chinatown
Upcoming Events
May 5 - Cameron House Carnival
May 6 - Sabbath Sunday
May 13 - Mother's Day
May 15 - English Commission
May 26 - PCC Craft Day (more information below)
May 30 - Regional Presbytery Gathering
Kimberly's Kaleidoscope
Dear PCC Community: 
On May Day when I was a kid, we would make a cone out of construction paper, staple a paper handle over the opening and then fill it with fresh spring flowers. The tradition was to pick a neighbor that you wanted to bless and go hang the flower basket on their door knob, ring the door bell, and then run away so their May Basket would be a surprise. (And you might hide in the bushes to see if they opened the door or not!). This was a fun way to celebrate the arrival of spring, and a cherished tradition in our family.
I realize that the word May Day for some is equated with the international worker movement and while that is important, the origins of the celebration of May Day are actually much older. They stem from the ancient, indigenous Celtic tradition. In this tradition, May Day was (and still is) a kind of mid-spring festival, honoring the fecundity of the earth. Colorful costumes are worn and people dance with bells on their calves and feet in order to 'wake up' the earth from her winter slumber. It was a way of blessing the land so that it would produce an abundant harvest while also giving thanks for the arrival of spring. Dancing around the May pole while holding colorful ribbons is part of this celebration.
At its heart, May Day is about blessing the earth out of gratitude for all she gives us every day. It is also about honoring the land in such a way as to insure that the fecundity of the earth continues - so that she continues to produce grain and harvest and all that nourishes and sustains life.
While the traditions of May Day may no longer be practiced with the same regularity in our country, we can still take action to honor and bless the earth. As we discussed in worship on April 22 nd , this is what the heart of Earth Day is all about. As I thought about it, I mused that other topics that need greater awareness often have an entire month dedicated to them, such as Black History Month or Women's History Month. Maybe we need a 'Earth Day Month' where we are encouraged to reflect on our actions and how they impact the earth for a prolonged length of time. 
I have noticed that the research I did in preparation for Earth Day has made a difference in some of my day-to-day actions. The other day I was at the store and wanted to buy some broccolini. I was surprised to see that all of it was packaged in Styrofoam. Normally I would have just bought it without thinking about it, but because of the education provided by the video we watched together, I stopped and said to myself, "There has to be some bulk broccolini around here somewhere." I did have to hunt for it, but I did finally  find it. It was a bit more expensive, but when I compared that with the cost to our planet of all the Styrofoam we are using, I thought it was a small price to pay.
I had another encounter where a friend had finished with a large, plastic bottle. We were out at a restaurant and she was going to throw it away in the regular trash since there was no recycling available. I asked if I could have it instead, and I ended up putting it in my bag so I could take it home and recycle it in my own bin. I have noticed that it is easy for me to recycle when I am at home or church where all the correct bins are readily available. However when I am traveling or out and about, I may be tempted to be a bit lazy about the practice because it may not always be convenient. Because of Earth Day, I made a commitment to myself to 'pack it out' if I have something that is recyclable, rather than throw an item in the trash if there is no recycling available. I am not saying I am perfect by any means and I am sure there is a lot more I could be doing to help our planet, but I have noticed that the commitment I made on Earth Day has stayed with me and made me a bit more conscious of my day to day activities. We are also fortunate to have Marie Chin helping us be mindful of our daily actions each Sunday as she is trying to help us reduce waste and be more mindful of our sorting of recycling, garbage and compost each Sunday. (Thank you Marie!)
What have you noticed since Earth Day? Are there certain practices you have added or adopted into your routine? Are you a bit more mindful of how our every day actions affect our planet? It might be helpful for us to share some actions people are doing. Perhaps that will inspire a new idea for others. Some people were excited about the special bag I highlighted on Earth Day that allows your fleece to go in the washing machine without releasing tiny synthetic fibers into the water supply. (See April 25 Kaleidoscope Earth Day Actions,  www.guppyfriend.com )
It was mentioned at Worship and Nurture that someone suggested we try to request a bulk order for the bags since they come from Germany. If you feel inspired to organize that order, please reply to this email and we can share the information and see if we can figure out a way to make that happen.
Whatever our day-to-day actions may be, I invite us to take a moment this week to pause and be grateful for the blessings that God has provided for us by enabling us to live on this beautiful planet filled with spring flowers and an abundance of life. 
May Day blessings to you! 
Pastor Kimberly 
Charie Reid's Sermon
Missed our guest preacher, Charie Reid's sermon on Sunday? Or just wanna hear it again?
Click the link below to watch it in full.
Norman Fong to Receive Award

Rev. Norman Fong  will be awarded the San Francisco Theological Seminary Distinguished Alumni Award of 2018 during the Commencement Exericises

Commencement Exercises
Saturday, May 19, 2018 • 9:30 am
First Presbyterian Church
72 Kensington Road
San Anselmo, California
Dear family & friends,
I’m not totally sure why, but I’ve been selected to be the 2018 Distiguished Alumni of San Francisco Theological Seminary where I got my “Masters of Divinity” to become a minister of the Presbytery of San Francisco. It is a real honor for me to be recognized by the church for my work in the world. If you’re busy, please don’t bother but if you’re free, come as I share this honor with so many of you, my colleagues & friends in community & the church.

PCC Calendar
Tad Hopp has been hard at work the last few weeks updating the PCC Building Use Calendar. This calendar gives everyone a better idea of which rooms are in use by which worshipping community all through the week. Take a look at it when you get a chance and if you notice something missing or something that should be added, let Tad know.
Cameron House Carnival
Carnival is just a few short days away. For those who are volunteering all day at Carnival on Saturday and are interested in parking at Gordon J. Lau, please review the following instructions and information:

8:30am to 10:30am : Parking will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for those volunteering through the end of the day (estimated 8:30pm). Upon pulling your vehicle in, a Security volunteer in a red jacket will provide you a parking placard to be filled out and placed visibly on your dashboard. After 10:30am, the gate will be locked, so please be sure to bring anything you'll need during the day with you. In and out requests can not be accommodated.

After clean-up (estimated 8:30pm):  Gate will be reopened so that everyone can head home after another successful Carnival!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at Carnival on Saturday!


As we are days from our 70th Cameron Carnival, I wanted to let you know that there's an opportunity to support our 12th grade Commission group's Service and Learning Trip down to San Diego to work with the Sierra Service Project, by purchasing their Carnival Play Meal ticket for $20. The show will be at 5:00 pm on Carnival Day down at the church in the Fellowship Hall. Their show "The Sensations" is also VERY entertaining! For me, just listening to their  rehearsals  I was cracking up!

Debbie Sue's daughter, Kiana, is in the show, So is ACBA championship team member Terrence Wu!! One of the kid's mom, who is a CH alum, is preparing the meal: pot roast with shiitake mushroom sauce, rice, veggies and a dessert! YUM!

Please help spread the word, and let's get these youth to San Diego - ask your friends!

Please let me know if you would like to reserve some tickets, and I will take care of it for you!

Thanks for considering!
Laurene =)

Join Chinese Culture Foundation's VIP Booth
This month marks the 40th anniversary of the Asian Pacific American Heritage designation. It all began in 1979 when U.S. House Representative Frank Horton of New York and San Jose's Representative Norman Mineta proclaimed "a week during the first 10 days in May as APA Heritage Week." 
Please join me on  Sunday,   May 6th 11:00am - 4:00pm  in our VIP booth. The area will be near the stage which is located on Larkin near MacAllister, across from the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.
This is a free event  and we will have lots of fun activities and performers lined up! 
Check out:  https://www.asianfairsf.com
RSVP to Ben,  ben@cccsf.us  or call 415-986-1822 ext. 26 so that we can save a spot for you.
I'm personally getting the light refreshments and drinks for our space.
Come on by and join us for a day of fun as we celebrate Asian Heritage week!
May Leong  
Deputy Director

Living Water World Mission
Mission and Evangelism organized a mission team to install a clean water system in Guatemala with Living Water World Missions (LLWWM) in 2015. We had a wonderful experience working with the project leaders and the people of San Marcos, Guatemala. This year LLWWM seeks to raise funds to continue their work to provide clean water. Mission and Evangelism asks church members to Celebrate Mother's Day by donating to LLWWM. 
Set aside the money that you would spend on beverages other than water from May 1st until Mother's Day May 13th, and donate that money to Living Water World Missions
Or make a donation of any amount that God leads you to give in honor of all of our mothers
Please write checks payable to PCC with LLWWM on the memo line.  M&E will collect this offering on Sunday May 13, 2018
Craft Day
Calling all crafters and interested bodies!
Needing some way to unwind this Memorial Day weekend. Want to serve and play?
Then join us for an afternoon of crafting at PCC Saturday, May 26th from 2:00 to 5:00 in Fellowship Hall.
Activities we plan to have are rubber stamping, card making, origami folding, bearing and jewelry making, coloring, ladder yarn necklace making (crocheting), and board games for those who don't craft but want to hang out with us.
We will have snacks during the afternoon. 
If you are interested in coming, please RSVP to Diane Go by Sunday, May 20th.
Please also contact Susie Wong if you are interested in helping with Food Pantry as well on the 26th.
Presbytery Regional Gathering
Our next gathering of the Western Region of the Presbytery will be held on Wednesday, May 30th at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church in SF. The gathering will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Lincoln Park will provide the food but we do ask that those in attendance make a small $5 donation toward the cost of food. Hope to see you there!
A New Way to Give to PCC
Some great news for our congregation. You can now make a gift online to support your church community! Click on the "Give Now" button at the bottom of the PCC home page. Click here to go to the PCC website
You can also donate directly through the donation page.
You can also click the Give Now Button at the bottom of the E-News and that will also take you to the donation page. Or you can scan the QR code on the right and be taken directly to the Donation page.
You select how you would like your gift to be made and which worshipping community you would like it to go toward. You can add a note if you want to dedicate the gift to someone special. You can also add a note to indicate your pledging #. For questions about how to give, see Tad Hopp. For questions about your gift, see Dave Soohoo or Winchell Quock.
  Tea Time
The Deacons would like to give special thanks to the following people for taking the time to provide treats for Tea Time for everyone to enjoy.
5/6 Sabbath Sunday
5/13 David Chan
5/20 ?
5/27 Jojo & Jerrick Woo
If you're interested in providing treats, please sign up on the Bulletin Board in the Fellowship Hall. If you’d like to make a monetary donation towards tea time, see Dayton Leong. Also, it would be great if people could help with clean-up after Tea Time. The more people that help, the less time it will take. 
Church Officers -
Elders: Susie Wong; Linda Lee; Jeanette Huie; Sing Quan; Nancy Chee; Diane Go; Stan Wong
Deacons: Pat Chan; Dayton Leong; Rachel Wong; Desi Ng; Eddie Kam; Richard Jann; Jerrick Woo; Stuart Go
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Deadline for E-News
All news and requests must be submitted to our Communications Coordinator, Tad Hopp, by Wednesday at 6 PM. 
Newsletter will be sent out on Thursdays.  
About the Church
  Presbyterian Church in Chinatown is a family oriented church active in the community and fully embraced in the spirit of Micah 6:8  To do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.
Whether you are just visiting, searching for a home church, or have questions about your faith, Christianity or the Bible, we invite you to explore everything we have to offer. "Empowered by God's love through Christ, we welcome, celebrate and serve our community."
Our English Worshipping Community worships together at 10:45 AM on Sundays followed by Tea Time at noon. Feel free to join us this Sunday!

Presbyterian Church in Chinatown 
925 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94108
The church has no parking lot, and on-street parking is difficult in Chinatown.
Parking garages include  [Portsmouth Square] ,
Another parking option on weekends is Golden Gateway Garage for $3. A shuttle runs up the hill to Chinatown every fifteen minutes. The church will validate your parking. 
Public Transit
Buses that pass near the church are the 1 California, 30 Stockton, 45 Union-Stockton, 8X, 8AX and 8BX plus the cable car.
For trip planning via public transportation from anywhere in the Bay Area, visit