New colors, products and applications for powder coatings in the retail environment.

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A fantastic first impression - Quality Powder Coating the storefront and more
"It looks fantastic," states Jim Hester, Director of Sales at Quality Powder Coating, "and bringing exterior, Kynar equivalent performance, great colors and cost effectiveness with sustainability benefits that far exceed any competing exterior finish to a project is the icing on the cake."
Jim is discussing powder coatings with me, over a quick bite following a lunch and learn session
on wood effect powder coatings he has just given to a prominent retail architect. These aren't just the hardworking interior powders that are used on so many retail projects, but architectural grade, high performance factory applied finishes that are being used extensively on commercial storefront, curtain wall and more.
Creating a first impression, with beautiful storefront design is clearly important, and architectural grade powders are bringing exactly that to the retail mix. Quality Powder Coatings and IFS Coatings regularly team up on exciting retail projects, having worked with brands including Gap brands, Yum brands, Hilton, Dallas Museum of Art, The Perot Museum, Nordstrom's, Levi's, Cabella's, REI, Starbucks - the list goes on.
IFS architectural grade powders are designed to meet and exceed the strict performance requirements set out in the AAMA specifications. AAMA 2605 compliant powders are Fluoropolymers that come with a 20 year warranty on architectural aluminum. Like a 70%Kynar equivalent product the IFS range is called IFS 500FP. The AAMA 2604 compliant product - IFS 400SD - is a Super Durable powder, that comes with a 5 or 10 year warranty on aluminum and the AAMA 2603 compliant product, IFS 300SP is perfect for interiors.
"We see IFS 400SD, the Super Durable product, being used regularly on storefront, with the Fluoropolymer based IFS 500FP chosen to protect and decorate curtain wall." Observes Hester, "The exterior durability, great aesthetics and superior scratch resistance are extremely appealing."
In his role at Quality Powder, Jim works with architects and designers every day. "They're looking for something new, for something with little to no upkeep, something that's longer lasting, better looking, price conscious and of course sustainable. Powders give them all of that and more." Architects and designers have been talking about sustainable design for years, but in the past never embraced a significantly more sustainable finish. That seems to have changed. Powder is popular.
Using exterior grade powders on retail projects is easy. The IFS architectural team is ready with color samples, product advice, specification writing advice and is always ready to answer questions.
"It's the perfect formula" Jim finishes. "With Quality Powder Coating, design experts know they are getting the very best quality, excellent pricing and fast lead times. With IFS Coatings I know I'm getting superior, competitively priced powders, with thousands of colors I can bring to the design team, and I get personal attention to our account and our needs. IFS is not just a supplier to us, we are a team."
Have you ordered free sample chips from us?
It's easy to do. Whether you'd like to see the full RAL color collection (check out the IFS RAL card)
or get some samples of hammertone or veins for interior applications, we are here to make your job as easy as possible. Simply email Grace at , let her know the colors you'd like to see and what the application is (interior or exterior). Grace will get a color card or free sample chips out to you ASAP and if you need an extra set sent to your client - no problem.
Grace explains "I totally understand that sometimes you need to see a complete range of colors and sometimes you've already narrowed it down to a specific look or you need to match to a client's brand. I have access to our extensive panel library, as well as our lab technicians, so I can check what's available in the right technology and get those out to you as quickly as possible. I can also help you get a custom color match - we'll get those turned round in about 7 days (quicker if we can) and sent back to you for your thoughts."
Grace finishes "I have helped so many retail architects - it's fascinating to see where the various colors and products are used. From our AAMA complaint exterior grade architectural powders on storefront, to awesome brand specific colors for all manner of interior applications we always have something that works."
We're here to help - just let us know what you need.
Flexing creative muscles with unique retail shelving options
The retail industry is fully aware that product placement is incredibly important in-store. But what about the shelving systems that hold those products? Attracting shoppers to "specialty" displays which take full advantage of the creative use of color is now seriously increasing revenue in the retail environment.
Storflex, manufacturers of durable gondola displays customized to any store requirements, have
fully embraced this trend with the help of IFS. "We're really adding value to our customers and to the retail experience," explains Sharon Grasso, President. "The Gondola shelving systems combine great design with innovative technology to extend the life of the system and draw in consumers. Just one of the tools in our box is color."
Creating beautiful colors in high quality powders is where IFS Coatings steps in. All of the metal parts of the steel systems are powder coated to protect and enhance the product. The IFS color range is vast (over 55,000 colors and counting) but to keep it simple for clients Storflex utilizes the IFS color charts and sample rings. Of course sometimes there's a very specific color requirement - the shade needs to be brand specific or a special effect is desired - which is where the IFS color experts come into their own. "We receive requests for custom matches to Pratt & Lambert, Benjamin Moore and all sorts of special colors." explains Grasso. "IFS has always supported these opportunities to fulfill our customer's needs and created gorgeous shades that are exactly what our clients want. In fact, the collaboration between Storflex and IFS resulted in a custom clear coat powder which is now used to make certain products look like steel, when in fact they are not."
Of course powder coatings bring many other benefits to the table. As well as excellent scratch and mar resistance, great protective qualities and flexible custom color options, powder coatings offer environmental advantages that other coatings simply can't match. Continues Grasso, "We want to be as sustainable as possible and using powder not only allows us to work towards our own sustainability goals, but offer our clients real sustainable advantages. Powder is also safer for our workforce and provides a high quality finish that lasts for years, saving our customers money while maintaining a "like new" shopping environment. It's really a simple decision."
The Storflex gondola systems enhance the consumer retail experience in many different stores including grocery, convenience, pet and liquor stores, and can be customized for all types of retail environments. Working with IFS means that these shelving systems benefit from superior powders and the Storflex team receives excellent service. Grasso explains "We need good partners to provide the service and quality that our customers expect. IFS continues to be a partner to Storflex and we receive superior service, quality and fair pricing. What's more, IFS has shown that they have a genuine interest in our success, which really differentiates them from a vendor. They are part of the Storflex family."
Where is IFS powder used in the retail environment? 
Exterior applications:
Storefront                  Windows/doors              
Curtain Wall              Fencing

Exterior grade, AAMA compliant, Kynar equivalent powder coatings that are available in a great range of colors and special effects with up to a 20 year warranty when applied by a certified applicator to architectural aluminum.

Interior applications:
Anywhere there is metal!
Fixtures                  Fittings
Counters                 Base boards and trim
Accessories           Displays
Pop-ups                  Shelving
Refrigeration          Windows
Interior grade, AAMA compliant, powder coatings that are available in a vast array of colors and special effects
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Retail Spaces light up with Ultralights 
Used in all manner of retail and hospitality spaces, powder coating offers the beautiful and decorative finishes designers desire with the hard working protection required for all types of
Working closely with architectural and design professionals, Ultralights offers flexibility and the power to modify stock products to meet specification requirements. Over 250 products are available with finish, diffuser, and lamping options. Customers can choose from a selection of carefully created IFS powders designed specifically with lighting in mind, that lend the space a sophisticated edge.
Chris Bedwell, Ultralights' Business Development Manager, commented, "We are extremely proud of our handcrafted products, made from the best quality material-including the powder coating finish. We work hard to ensure our retail customers are happy with every part of their interaction with us, so we also fully appreciate excellent service when we receive it."
New IFS architectural color card 
Have you got your copies of the IFS architectural brochure and color card? A must for anyone using architectural coatings, the brochure covers everything you need to know about choosing architectural powders and the color card features 26 gorgeous solid, metallic and anodic style shades - a great taste of just some of the colors and options available to you.

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Check out these fabulous custom made stools designed and built by JS Signs and coated with Polychem Translucent Red. For competitive custom pieces speak to the designer direct - contact John at
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