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Specification wording for powder coatings

At IFS we have helped hundreds of architects and specifiers ensure they have the right wording to specify high performance powder coatings on their exterior projects.
So many specifications have wording designed for liquid coatings. Does your spec start with the
words "Two coat Fluoropolymer..."? When powder coatings are used on architectural aluminum, most of the time they only need a single coat. They don't need the extra adhesion properties or additional film build that the chrome based primer provides to traditional liquid coatings. A superior manufacturing process, unique chemistry that takes advantage of one of the strongest chemical bonds in existence (carbon - fluorine bond) and greater film thickness means the same or better performance in a single coat, with the same warranty.
Ensuring you have the right wording is simple. We have a selection of specification wordings available for you to cut and paste. A taste of our simple spec wording is below:
High-Performance Organic Finish:  Prepare, pretreat, and apply coating to exposed metal surfaces to comply with coating and resin manufacturers' written instructions.  Provide dry film thickness, primers, color coats and clear coats required to comply with performance requirements and warranty periods indicated.
FEVE Fluoropolymer Finish:  Fluoropolymer finish complying with AAMA 2605 and containing 100 percent fluorinated ethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resin in color coat.
Product code:
For the full version of other specs that we have available free of charge, contact Grace at
Metal tiles delight and surprise
"Look at that!" exclaims David Shanker as he displays one of the beautiful decorative ceiling tiles
Shanker Industries offers. "Not only are they extremely well-made and intricate, but they benefit from a long history and years of experience." We're looking at their range of decorative wall and ceiling tiles that add a unique feel to the interior of a project. Shanker, President of Shanker Industries and the 5th generation of his family to manage the business, is explaining the centuries old process involved in creating the tiles that are now available with an IFS powder coating finish.
"Our metal ceiling and wall tiles offer a unique way to add originality to a project. They're used extensively in the retail, hospitality and commercial sectors and there's a huge range of styles and designs. Traditionally we offered them in a couple of metal look finishes but we wanted to offer our customers more variety. Using powder coating enables us to offer a variety of finishes and still maintain our commitment to being environmentally friendly."
The tiles are certainly popular. Available in a range of sizes and systems, and with great additional features like adding perforations for acoustical purposes, the expertly crafted tiles have been used buy some customers you may recognize. TGI Friday's restaurants, Bojangles, Swensen, Ruby Tuesday, Ted's Montana Grill, Outback Steak House, Ann Taylor, Loft, Wet Seal, Contempo Casual and Polo Jeans have all benefitted from Shanker Industries products.
Quality is certainly key. Many ceilings originally installed around one hundred years ago, are still in
good repair today. While disappearing briefly during World War II, metal ceilings have regained their popularity in recent years, as people continue to recapture our country's architectural heritage. Metal ceilings are truly a part of Americana, and add a distinctive edge to any architectural design.
"Quality, durability and sustainability are at the heart of our company and are important to us in our suppliers as well. Working with IFS means we benefit from high quality interior coatings, great customer service and a knowledgeable architectural team who are ready to support us and our customers whenever we need it."
Don't just talk the sustainability talk. Walk the walk.
Need LEED points?                                                    Have sustainability goals?
Interested in sustainable design?                             Worried about VOCs and solvents?
IFS Coatings has Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for each of our architectural grade powders.
We offer competitively priced high performance coatings that meet and exceed the performance requirements of the AAMA specifications, come with excellent warranties, and are available in a vast array of colors and special effects.
What are you waiting for? Specify high performance powder coating and don't just talk the sustainability talk. Walk the walk.
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Super size - when to use super durable powder coatings
Super hero, Superman, Super Girl, Super Durable?
Tough, durable, strong and steadfast are all common traits associated with all manner of super
heroes, but they're also commonly associated with super durable powder coatings too.
Super Durable Polyester powder coatings are actually designed to have super hero qualities - well at least when you compare them with a standard polyester powder coating!
Created to hold their color and gloss over 5 years of continuous Florida weathering testing, pass 3000 hours of salt spray and humidity testing and perform to very high levels in ASTM chemical tests Super Durable Powders are certainly "Super".
With this in mind, it's easy to see why Super Durables are the obvious choice for many exterior applications - commercial storefront, windows, doors and high end interior applications where there are concerns about weathering (i.e. the interior of a window frame) or a more stressful interior environment.
Though they don't have the extended life of a high performance Fluoropolymer powder coating, which meet and exceed AAMA 2605, offer incredible color and gloss retention and come with a 20 year warranty, Super Durables certainly pack a protective punch. Applied at 2-3 mils they also offer excellent film thickness and protection from the elements.
Super Durables are available in a vast array of colors and special effects - significantly more than a Fluoropolymer coating - and so often make the ideal choice for retail, commercial and low rise curtain wall. They are also extremely competitively priced and offer excellent value for money.
Check out the below table that compares standard and super durable polyesters

For more information on high performance super durables, contact Fiona at
Reliable retail coatings
From store fixtures to shelving, pop up displays to furniture and accessories to lighting, Polychem has been protecting and decorating retail store interiors for many years.
Creating a welcoming environment which promotes the customers' brand and product, and
encourages shoppers to part with their hard earned cash is essential. Of course the look and feel of each and every piece in the retail environment is important, so color is key. Whether that involves ensuring brand consistency with competitively priced custom color matches, or the ability to choose from the thousands of existing colors and effects that range from classic blacks, bronzes, browns, greys and whites to eye popping brights, fluorescents, pastels, natural hues or funky urban shades at Polychem we have it all. Of course it's not all about color either. Adding a fine or full-on texture, a soft sparkle, a pearlescent shimmer, a multi-component effect, a river vein look, a hammertone style or an appealing wrinkle effect to any color you can imagine is also possible.
What's more, Polychem powders have been developed to be hard working, tough, scratch resistant and durable so are designed to will bring more than just beautiful aesthetics to your piece.
It goes without saying that all of these thousands of powder coatings are competitively priced, easy to apply, and are available in quantities as low as 5lbs - even the custom colors.
Check out what Polychem can do for your retail environment today.

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