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Polychem launches New Antique Collection
Polychem powder coatings has launched the eclectic Antique Collection, featuring 10 gorgeous
shades including antique whites, warm brass and bronze shades, and rich coppers in a variety of finishes
Created using Polychem's signature polyester technology, t he Antique Collection features a unique selection of colors including Textured Golden Pewter, Antique Brass and Speckled Patina.
"The Antique Collection capitalizes on the trend of making strong, new items look more historic, loved and cared for" commented Glynn Mason, Polychem president. " We're taking antique looks and combining them with modern technology to provide hard working protection with a more traditional aesthetic. It's extremely exciting. "
The Polychem Antique Collection colors are available in flexible quantities as low as 5lb, with free sample panels shipped out immediately. Order yours today!
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Flexible quantities - 5lb and upwards from Polychem
Don't have unused powder sitting around taking up space at the end of the year!
  Order exactly what you need for the job. From 5lb to 250lb we've got you covered.
To order any Polychem color in flexible quantities, call Lauren at 940.612.0401 or email

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Polychem Woodtone Collection sorts the wood from the trees
As the trees around us have turned beautiful fall shades and winter slowly creeps in, check out some of the fabulous natural wood looks from Polychem. From a rich walnut vein - PLHS 92002PT to a soft beech wood vein PRRS 93791PT - these fabulous effects will certainly take root in your customer collection.
Walnut Vein - PLHS 92002PT
Dark Wood Vein - PRSS 91893PT
MSC Chair Brown - PLHS 41383PT
Mesquite Wood Vein - PRRS 93783PT
Oak Wood Vein - PRRS 93742PT
  Beech Wood Vein - PRRS 93791PT

To order any Polychem color call Lauren at 940.612.0401 or email
Polychem website gets color search update
More of the thousands of fantastic Polychem colors are now available at  for you to check out.
Simply visit the color search section, click the shade button of the color you're looking for, e.g. "yellow" or blue" then click "find colors" and it will bring up some of the thousands of shades available.
Don't find what you need?
We don't put everything we have online, so simply email us with what you're looking for or give us a call and we'll get some sample chips out to you ASAP!

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Sparkling black  and white shades
Simple black and white shades with sparkles added to them are some of the most
popular requests we get.
With that in mind, we created the Polychem Diamond Collection, making it easy for you to access metallic looking neutrals, quickly.
Do you have your free Diamond collection sample ring? Call or email now and we'll send one out to you and your customers.

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