Three Benefits of Working With the Oklahoma City Community Foundation!
"One of the most rewarding things about this business is helping my clients reach their long-term financial goals," says Bill Trammell, an Oklahoma City financial advisor with Edward Jones Investments.

"Throughout my career, I've watched as my clients grow families, businesses and assets. It's incredible to be invited on the journey that is their lives. It makes me that much more invested in helping them meet their financial objectives."

Wanting only the best for his clients, Bill lists his favorite reasons why he works with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to help make his clients' dreams come true!

Flexibility. Joe Carter makes it easy for us to meet with clients about charitable giving. Whether we are at the Community Foundation, our office or the home of the client, Joe makes himself available to help explain to my clients the benefits of giving through the Community Foundation. No middleman. No confusion. He helps bring clarity to the giving options laid out before our clients.  

Diversity. No matter the size of the client's gift, there is a giving option available at the Community Foundation. The OCCF can also accept a variety of gifts, including stocks, real estate and business interests. There is rarely a time when a client is disappointed by the giving options presented.

Continuity. Charitable giving through the Community Foundation almost becomes an addiction. My clients experience the simplicity of giving and the reward it brings. I don't recall any of my clients who have established a gift conduit and only contributed one time.  

For Bill, working with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to help clients meet their charitable giving goals just makes sense.

"There are opportunities to work with foundations all across the country," he says. "I encourage you to look at many of them just as I did. After careful consideration of costs, management and expertise, none were close to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. It truly is a hidden gem in our own backyard."

Learn how the Oklahoma City Community Foundation can help make your clients' charitable giving dreams come true when you contact Joe Carter today at 405/606-2914.

In managing permanent endowments for the benefit of the community, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation follows investment practices designed to enhance long-term growth while also providing sustainable, annual distributions to charity. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017, the investment performance for our pooled investments was 11.08 percent. This investment growth not only helps to increase the value of the endowments we administer, but also allows the funds to distribute more grant dollars to charitable purposes in the community.

In Fiscal Year 2017, the Investment Committee made changes to the general pool's investments in an effort to sustain endowment distributions to the community amidst potential lower future returns. These changes included:
  • Increasing allocation to equities
  • Replacing active equity managers who failed to meet benchmarks with passive index funds at significantly reduced fees
  • Adding alternative asset classes including real estate investment trusts and master limited partnerships
Read more about the Oklahoma City Community Foundation's multi-pronged approach to increase potential future net returns in our 2017 Investment Performance Report.

After Michael Kay, former CEO of LSG Sky Chefs, walked away with a significant payout from the sale of his company, he met with his lawyer to develop a more sophisticated estate plan. Kay's lawyer recommended he establish a donor advised fund at his local community foundation. Similar to Kay, Barbara Bing Pliner began giving through her community foundation after selling her Southern lifestyle and media company.

"One of the things we have found through the community foundation is that we can join arms with other philanthropists," says Pliner, whose particular passion is nonprofit programs that teach ballet skills to girls from low-income families. "Together our efforts make a bigger impact than just being individual donors."

Learn more on why CEOs are choosing to establish a donor advised fund at their local community foundations here.

Why are so many donors who want to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey turning to the Greater Houston Community Foundation? In times of both disaster and prosperity, a community foundation has a good sense of the needs that aren't being met and can help direct donations to make a greater impact in their community. Though our local community is not currently experiencing a disaster, we work with many professional advisors who trust us to connect their clients to causes in the community where they can make a real difference no matter the circumstance.

Learn about the role community foundations play in times of disaster in this recent article featuring our President, Nancy Anthony, the Community Foundation for Monterey County and the Arizona Community Foundation.  

Learn where to direct clients to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. 

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Joe Carter
Director, Development