Three steps to spring into action
by Tiffany Dahlberg
Spring is a time of awakening and renewal.  Let's use gardening as a metaphor for springing into action.  Did you set goals for 2016?  If not, now's a great time to do so.  If you did, now that you have survived winter, it's the perfect time to assess your progress.  There are only three decisions to make: 
1)    Replace
Assess people, products, and projects that haven't realized their potential.  Do a root-cause analysis and determine the best solution.  If you have strategies, systems, or services that are dead, dying, or diseased it's time to replace them to make room for new growth.  If you feel that anyone or anything hasn't received the resources or attention that they need to be successful, consider reviving them to see if they can thrive instead of barely survive.
2)    Revive
As you assess your situation, also review your lessons learned from the past.  What strategies, markets, or products were successful that need reviving?  What is doing well that requires attention to ensure that it stays strong and healthy?  Fertilize your organization with employee engagement via rewards and recognition systems, change management plans, talent development, mentoring programs, outside expertise, and training.

3)    Plant
Once you have determined what to replace and what to revive, ask yourself what's missing to help you reach your goals?  Do you have the right structure, processes, and people to help you execute?  What seeds do you need to start planting now for both short and long term yields?  These investments must have clearly defined outcomes, strategies, and measurements that are agreed upon and communicated throughout the organization.  People must contribute to the germination of new ideas and systems for future success.
These three steps will keep you focused on growth and yield ongoing results!
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