St Stephen's Episcopal Church
Tidings for the Last Sunday after the Epiphany
11th February 2018
Christus Rex

Contemplative Eucharist

Festive Choral Eucharist

Sunday School
PreK - 12th grades
Drop off begins at 9:45a

Childcare  is provided 
 from 9:45 to 11:30a for infants 
through age 3


Noon & 7p

Confessions are heard by appointment with the Rector


This Sunday -
11th February
The Last Sunday 
after the Epiphany
Team 6

Next Sunday -
18th February
The First Sunday 
in Lent
Team 14



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Jesus and the children

Sunday School
drop off begins at 9:45 AM

Sunday School Classes 

(from 10:00 to the Passing of the Peace at the 10:00a Eucharist, 
or approximately10:35a)
Godly Play
 PreK -  1st Grade

Bible in Life by David C. Cook
for 2nd through 3rd Grade

Bible in Life by David C. Cook
for 4th through 5th Grade

Youth Fall Sunday Class
6th - 12th Grades 
Student Ministry
Group discussion with scripture based original curriculum

All students  and older children are encouraged to serve as acolytes, ushers, and scripture readers at the 10 o'clock service. To volunteer yourself or your child for duties in any of these roles, please contact David david@ststephenschurch.org .
(for infants through age 3)
9:30 - 11:30a



Wanted: Videographer/Photographer
The church office is looking for someone with videography and photography skills to volunteer to vlog special events and talks throughout the year. Basic video shooting and editing skills are all that is required. 

If you are available and interested, please contact david@ststephenschurch.org .
St Stephen's Online Directory

Does the office have your current information?
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
St Stephen's Directory is now available online and is for the exclusive use of St Stephen's parishioners.
Tiburon Thrift Shop
Tiburon Thrift Shop
Volunteers Needed

Volunteer at the Tiburon Thrift Shop and help St Stephen's! Our Parish receives a monthly check from the shop thanks to those who volunteer on St Stephen's behalf.  

Volunteers are needed on Thursdays and 5th Saturdays. 10am to 1pm and/or 1pm to 4pm. 

It is not a huge commitment but it makes a huge difference. To learn more, please contact: June Campbell 415.797.6142 or Jennifer Henerlau 415.608.3239.
Food Bank Barrel
for the Homeless

It is time to restock the Food Bank for the homeless.

 St Stephen's keeps a Marin/SF Food Bank barrel in the classroom level all through the year. Please consider feeding those less fortunate by donating your non-perishable food items.
Year's Mind
Celtic Cross
P lease help Father Ellsworth compile the names and dates of the death of family members whom you would like to be remembered in prayers at the altar on, or close to, the anniversary of their death.This is an old custom, even if new to St. Stephen's.  Email Elizabeth in the office with this click-through.
Gratitude Prayers

Are you thankful for a blessing or something special?  Let the office know and we can add it to the prayers.  Deadline is Tuesday afternoon as Sunday bulletins are printed early Thursday mornings. Let us know and we can add it to the Sunday prayers of thanksgiving.  
Email Elizabeth Gravely at office@ststephenschurch.org
From the Rector
T he Transfiguration happens just after Jesus has told Peter, James, and John what he will do and where he is going. This prophet mightier than Elisha will walk to his death and he bids us follow as far as we can. Peter does not know what to say so he proposes a building project. He was afraid. 
     We get to a place in our walk with Jesus where we cannot keep up with him, where he does things we do not understand, where he wants us to follow him but begins to leave us behind. Afraid, we propose our building projects, try to freeze the frame, to capture him in glory. When we get to such places in our walk with him, it's transfiguration time. Time be quiet, to listen to him, to watch what he does without needing us at all. The path to new life, to eternal life, to dazzling fellowship, to victory over death, goes through Calvary. That is where we're headed now in our Lenten walk, to Holy Week, where all we can do is watch.
     See you in church ,
     Fr Ellsworth
Adult Education
Sunday  |  11th February 2018   |   11:30a

...Also on 11th March, 15th April and 13th May. Join in the series of discussions about Paul's "Letter to the Romans" at 11:30a in the Becker Conference Room.

     Letter to the Romans is an adult education series for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of our core Christian ideas and our Episcopal faith. Following our discussion of Martin Luther last Fall, we will look at St Paul's Letter to the Romans, a theological masterpiece that has had the greatest influence on the history of Western Christianity.
     Romans 1:17 reads: "For in it the righteousness of God is revealed through faith for faith: as it is written, "The one who is righteous will live by faith."" This passage is the key to understanding Martin Luther and the Reformation, and as John Calvin wrote it is the "entrance... to the most hidden treasure of Scripture."
     Our study guide for the series will be Timothy Keller's "Romans 1-7 For You". Classes will be held Sundays once a month in the upstairs conference room from 11:30 - 12:30 and led by Mike Peters and Joe Jennings.
     Please pick up a copy of Timothy Keller's "Romans 1-7 For You" and read Romans 1:1-17 in preparation for the first class to be held on Sunday February 11th.

Bury the Alleluias
This Sunday  |  following the 10 o'clock service
As part of this Sunday's late service, we will migrate to the Memorial Garden to 'Bury the Alleluias' just prior to coffee hour.
Palm Branches
Collecting now through Shrove Tuesday
Please bring a palm branch or two to burn after the Pancake Supper on Shrove Tuesday. These will be used in the Imposition of the Ashes services on 14th February.

There is a box in the office where you may leave your dried palm branches any time up to the Pancake Supper.

YOUTH SMALL GROUP  | 6p  |  Thursday Evenings
Time to hang out, eat pizza and dig into some stories from scripture.

FAMILY EVENSONG  |  5:30p  |  Sunday Evenings 
in Kimball Hall, The whole famil is welcome to this time of prayer, song and contemporary worship based around traditional liturgy.

CONFIRMATION | Sunday Evenings  |  6:30p
The group begins with dinner together and works through great material that prompts discussion about what we believe and why we believe it.

ALPHA SMALL GROUP | Thursday Evenings   |  5:30p
Alpha is more than a study group. We explore faith together, but this time is built to share a meal and grow closer as a group. Space is limited for the Thursday session so contact David if you are interested. [The Tuesday Alpha Group is fully subscribed]

| 13th February | 5 - 8p $20pp
pancakes This is a Mardi Gras theme dinner to raise funds for the youth program. There will be games, king cake, pancakes, bacon and other great food and fun. 
Imposition of Ashes Service Times
14th February   |   Noon   |   7p

Noon Eucharist

7p Eucharist with music
St Stephen's Book Club | 21st February| 6:30p

Victoria and Fr Ellsworth are hosting monthly book clubs (you don 't have to come every month ) gathered around a meal and a book. You can arrive at the Rectory starting at 6:30p. Dinner and book-specific discussion will start at 7:00p. 

The February club will meet on 21st February. We  will discuss Godric by Frederick Buechner -  link to Godric on Amazon  a novel about friendship and saying goodbye.  Interested in the February club? Please contact Elizabeth Gravely at   elizabeth@ststephenschurch.org . Space is limited.

American Bach Soloists  |  23rd February  |  8p

ABS will perform a concert of Bach: Saint John Passion (1725 version).  The great Passions of J.S. Bach remain unparalleled in their dramatic impact and universally experienced emotional effects.  Bach took the genre to new worlds of expression. This is music that transcends cultural, religious, and theatrical boundaries between performers and audience members, drawing in listeners as historical participants. tickets at americanbach.org/tickets or order by phone at 800.595.4849
Giving Planning  |  25th February  |  11:30a

Spirituality and Money
Does your current estate plan express your current values? Not just your present monetary values, but your life values? Please consider joining dozens of your fellow members in including St Stephen's in some way with a planned gift. There are so many creative ways to do this - and none of them take money out of your pocket now. Give your love for our parish recognition in how you wish your 'leftovers' to be distributed. See page 445 in the Book of Common Prayer for guidance. If you are intrigued, then please join Fr Richard Schaper and Bob McCaskill for a presentation and conversation in the Becker Conference Room at 11:25 AM on the 25th of February.
Lenten Compline  |  1st March  |  9p 

Contemplative Prayer
A candlelight service of evening prayer.
Anasazi Luncheon  |  2nd March  |  11a

Dr Bill
Anasazi Luncheon | 2nd March, 11a | Indonesia: a Cultural Challenge Come along with Dr. Bill on his 23rd August 2015 visit to Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist Temple; Pranbanan, the world's most beautiful Hindu Temple; and then explore Bali. These temples may not be there
forever. Discover why. All ages are welcome to attend. Lunch is $5. RSVP to Lois Cannady loiscannady3241@comcast.net.
Adult Education   |   4th March   |   11:30

Bible Studies
A discussion led by Karl Belgum about the Scopes Trial. Religion, science, and "the truth": The story of William Jennings Bryan and the Scopes Monkey Trial. Bryan was famous for many things, including being a presidential candidate three times, and for being a spellbinding orator, but mostly now he is remembered as the butt of a joke: He supported the Tennessee law that made it a misdemeanor to teach the theory of evolution in the public schools. The defense lawyer, representing Scopes (a temporary teacher who volunteered to be a defendant in the case)  was Clarence Darrow who, as reported in the popular press, "made a monkey out of Bryan" at the trial. But Bryan was a smart and worldly man. Why did he go down in flames (and embarrass himself) opposing the teaching evolution? It is not quite the story you might expect. And not at all similar to the position of "creationists" today. Bryan's cause sheds a lot of interesting light on science, religion, morality, and the "truth." It isn't just about what is true, or what we believe, but how we decide what things to have beliefs about in the first place. And whether scientific truth compels a given version of morality.
Earth and Altar Garden Spring Prep Workshop
Saturday  |  3rd March   |   10a - 12p
Joe & Marisa Jennings
St Stephen's will have a one-hour class on spring vegetable gardening (including tomatoes) and then prepare the Earth and Altar Garden for the spring planting. The class is a good introduction and reminder class for vegetable gardening in Southern Marin. 
     Starting at 11 AM we will work outside removing the Fava bean green compost we have grown this winter and turning the soil and breaking up the root systems to examine the nitrogen fixed to the root systems. 
     Please bring garden gloves, pruning shears and a garden forks if you can. This event is appropriate for elementary school children to adults. 
     For further information contact Joe Jennings 415-279-3637, josephwjennings@sbcglobal.net.
Morning and Evening Prayers
The Daily Office.

Morning Prayer is said in the church Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 9:30a

Evening Prayer is said in the church Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30p.
Special Calendar Planning Dates

Parish Retreat - 20 - 22nd April 2018
Mission Trip - 17th - 23rd June 2018
St Stephen's  Calendar:

4, 11, 18, 25  Services at 8a & 10a

Healing Prayers every Sunday, both services
Family Evensong - Sundays - 5:30p - Kimball Hall 
Confirmation - Sundays - 6:30p
Alpha Small Group Thursdays - 5:30p
Youth Small Group - Thursdays - 6p

11  Bury the Alleluias - following the 10a service
11  REST Dinner, 5 - 7p, Westminister Presbyterian
13  Pancake Supper - 5 - 8p, Mission Trip Fundraiser
14  ASH WEDNESDAY - Noon & 7p
21  Rector's Book Club - 6:30p - Rectory (RSVP office)
23  American Bach Soloists in Concert - 8p 
Bach's St John Passion - Ticket Link
25  Giving Planning Presentation - 11:30a
25  REST Dinner, 5 - 7p, Westminster Presbyterian
The Daily Office:
Morning & Evening Prayer, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30a & 5:30p

2nd/4th Mondays: Knitting Group - 10:30a 
1st Wednesday: The Explorers Club
Thursdays:  Contemplative Prayer - 8:30am   
Thursdays: 9:50am-1pm or 12:50-4p 
 - Volunteers at the Thrift Shop
Thursday: Choir Practice - 7:30p
2nd Thursday of the Month: Homeward Bound Meals
4th Thursday of the Month: Westminster Hot Lunch
Every Sunday: Healing Prayers at 8a & 10a
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