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June 2011



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Save Money! 


Here's another opportunity for our

clients to SAVE. 


We are offering an additional deal to all our past and existing clients.


Are you thinking you would like some one-on-one training to help you "kick it up a notch"?  Or, maybe you want some help with setting up an at-home gym?  Based on your needs, the available space and your budget we can help you get the right equipment for the best price!


Now you can get 

25% off on Personal Training sessions.   


But, again, a deposit is required by June 15th 

to ensure you get this discount that can be used

anytime in 2011.


FitnesstipWorkout Tricks 

Fitness Tip



If fatigue is something that's keeping you from enjoying your workouts, or making it difficult

to continue to push onwards, make sure you're considering everything that could adversely affect

your workout.


Do you have enough total rest worked into your week? Are you eating the appropriate healthy food required to provide the energy?  Are you sleeping well?


All of these will work together to help enhance your energy levels and, if you're falling short on any of them, they could each, very well, influence how you feel on a day to day basis.


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Food For Thought 

Nutrition Tip

 Mixed Fruits


Buy locally grown products (fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc.) whenever you can.     


They are healthier for you, it helps the local economy and it's better for the environment. 


Check out this website for a complete listing

of the great opportunities available

in the Greater

Victoria area.


TopHere's a brief look at what we've got for you in this issue:

Time Is Running Out - Call NOW! 

Our next 6-Week Small Group Training Session commences on Monday, June 06th, with Orientation and Nutrition seminars scheduled for various times this week and the coming weekend.  There is no time like the present to make that step to overall health and fitness!  For more info, click HERE


SPECIAL OFFER! - You Can STILL Save Up To 50% 

Special Offer Button

By now, we think that you've probably heard of Groupon, Couvon, SwarmJam and all the other sites that offer great discount coupons for pretty much everything a person could want or need.  Well, we're skipping the "middle man".  For more info, click HERE


Workout Tricks (Fitness Tip)

Each month, we share a fitness related tip/suggestion/tidbit.  These may be specific to a particular exercise, or may be more general in nature.  To view this month's Fitness Tip, click HERE

Food For Thought (Nutrition Tip)

Each month, we also share a nutrition related tip/suggestion/tidbit.  Again, these may be specific to a particular food group, health issue and/or may be more general in nature.  To view this month's Nutrition Tip, click HERE






Time Is Running Out - Call NOW!  


Our next 6-Week Training Program will start on June 6th and the Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 - 7 PM 6-Week Training Program is now full!  However, we are still offering our Kettlebell Training classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  They'll start at 7:15 PM and last one hour.  So, if Tuesday and Thursday are the only days that you can work out, these Kettlebell classes are definitely a great alternative to our regular classes.


AND, we are excited to, once again, be able to offer our Early Morning 6-Week Training Program!  You'll haveSunrise the opportunity to get in your workout before you start your busy day!  This time of year is perfect for exercising outdoors in the morning, with inspiring sunrises, and then spending relaxing evenings on the deck.  As with the evening classes, these classes are 90 minutes in length and you can opt for 3 times a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or 2 times a week (you pick two out of those days).  That class is approximately 1/2 full. 


For all the classes mentioned above, we are currently booking the Body Assessments and orientation appointments for various times during this week, and over this coming weekend.  These appointments do not take time away from the fitness training classes you are paying for, but ALL new clients to Alter Ego Fitness must attend one of these appointments.


Contact the office now to book your spot in one of these exhilarating classes.  You won't be disappointed! 



SPECIAL OFFER!  - You Can STILL Save up to 50% 


 REMEMBER - Our 25% to 50% off sale is still on!

Special Offer Button

Join with a friend and you BOTH save 50%.  That's a 2-for-1 deal!


Don't have a friend to work out with?  You can still save 25%.


However, the deadline to put down a deposit (to be eligible for one of these discounts) is fast approaching!


Are you thinking "Wow, that's a GREAT deal, but I'm not able to commit to a workout routine until this fall."?  Well, that's not a problem.  Pay your deposit now, before the offer ends (June 15th is the deadline), to ensure you get at least 25% off your next 6-Week progressive Training Program whenever your able to join us before the end of the year.


And, did you realize that if you paid a deposit for each 6-Week Training Program (there's 3 between now and the end of 2011) that you would be able to apply at least a 25% discount for EACH Training Session? 


Your Alter Ego Trainers are really excited to have the opportunity to show you how to have fun safely, how to work out consistently and to share with you our passion for not only our progressive programs, but for our overall love of exercise and fitness too.  We are looking forward to working out with you soon - if not now, in the fall.


Hurry to get in on this offer! Remember, we are only taking deposits, for this incredible offer, until June 15th.  Don`t delay, contact the office today! 


Until then, stay safe, be active, eat fresh whole foods and live passionately!

Yours in fitness,

Loreli Urquhart

Alter Ego Fitness Experience


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