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  • Are you ready for fall? 3 tipsto help you transition.
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Be in balance within your body 
by being in harmony
with the seasons! 

Are you ready for Fall?
For us here in the Northern hemisphere nature is signalling her fall colors and reminding us that it is time to go within.
Summer was full of energy with the sun shining down, stimulating travels, feet wet in the ocean, fun times with the family and it is usually filled with a sense of excitement and accomplishment.
We are now a few days after the Autumnal Equinox and approaching a New Moon, affectionately called the Black Moon as it is the first moon of the fall that brings a ray of light and a new energy for the quieter months we are about to enter.

Yeah, it is time to go within!
...and go outside and stomp on the leaves!

Here are 3 things that can help your transition
Schedule consistent time to go within each day. Whether you call it meditation, quiet time, or a walk in the park, 15 - 30 minutes every morning can help you transition into the darker, colder mornings of fall and winter.  Watch the trees as they drop their leaves and pull their energy into the core. Allow your body to sync with nature by retreating as well to a quieter and calmer regime; bringing the energy within, nourishing the soul with quiet introspection and assimilation. A helpful mantra for fall is "As I go within I create space to nurture and focus myself." 
Fall is a time for incorporating regular routines of rest and activity and also a time to return your diet to warm and unctuous foods. Scrumptious, warm, cooked foods are essential in keeping yourself in balance and avoiding unwanted conditions such as insomnia, restlessness, dry skin, constipation and worry. Squash/pumpkin soups, warm milk drinks, well oiled foods cooked with olive oil or ghee will keep your system stay calm during the colder months. Include such spices as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, cloves and curry in your cooking and maybe add a little honey to satisfy that sweet tooth. Apples, berries and sweet juicy fruits. Well cooked veggies, seeds and nuts such as sesame seeds, almonds, cashews and pistachios help the body stay in balance. And remember to lather some sesame oil on your skin to keep it hydrated and smooth during the winter months. Here's a
Yummy fall breakfast recipe to begin your mornings with.  
Time to slow down. Improve performance with less strain. Remember that during the cold months the body takes a little longer to warm up. Strenuous exercise without preparation could be detrimental to your body. Some morning yoga stretches can be very beneficial in beginning your day. And as an added benefit yoga creates balance between the physical, spiritual and mental realms. Sun Salutations are an excellent fall routine to warm up the body and you can lead at your own pace.  

Nowadays there are plenty of ways t
o access yoga; whether you attend a local class, a podcast or watc h it in your living room. My yoga practice spans over 25 years and it serves me and my body well year round. And while sometimes I will join local classes, my preference is to do my morning routine by myself or through recorded videos in my own time. Do remember to respect your limits. There is no reason to abuse your body in order to see results and stay healthy. Just listen to your inner guidance and proceed accordingly. Excess exercise may actually produce the opposite results, such as fatigue, aggravation, cardiovascular issues and general malaise. Do consult your physician to find the best plan for you.  
I wish you a delightful transition into fall and much joy until we meet again!

Corinna ♥

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