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Time for some Spring Cleaning and De-cluttering!
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Decluttering is not only a physical job, but a mental one. You have to ask yourself questions and make some tough decisions.

1. Look at each item - Ask yourself,why am I keeping this? What does it bring to my life? If you can't 
find a good reason, it should go into your donate or trash pile.
  • Reasons not to hold onto things: It lessens your guilt about items your mother-in-law gave you, your child made or that were once keepsakes. Take a photo of these items and place in a photo album labeled "Keepsakes" so you can remember them. Then donate or sell the items.
2. Designate a place for everything - Various size rectangular clear bins are ideal, as you can see through them and they are stack-able

3. Label your storage - Labels only take a second to make and allow you to know exactly what is in each container, box or bag at a glance so you can quickly put items away right away and not have to think about what to do with them.

4. Nothing loose on the floor - Having loose items is how clutter starts. Place everything in a labeled container or if it is a large item, designate one area or corner in the room for this item only.

5. Maintain your space - once and done is not how to deal with decluttering and organizing; you have to keep it up. When you bring something new into your home, remove something. Keep a big basket in the garage or near an entrance to place things you no longer want. When it is full, put it all in a bag and drop it off at the thrift store.

6. Donate - Check on Google or ask your friends if they know of any places to donate items that are in good shape. Pay attention to those reminders in the mail telling you when Purple Heart, Veterans Groups and The Salvation Army will be in your area for donation pick-ups. All you have to do is call them to schedule a pick-up.
  • Computer disposal: Best Buy, Goodwill, and some thrift stores will take them. Remember to remove the hard drive or make sure you wiped your data from it before donating.
  • Thrift stores, group homes, churches, schools, and scout groups often are in need of items from household goods, clothes, to art supplies. Call them to find out.
7. Throw It Out - If you can't donate or find a way to repurpose items, then they should be bagged and put out for trash pick-up.
  • Check with your city or town to find out where and how to dispose of hazardous or large items in your area. This includes paint, batteries, and chemicals.
  • Some large items are obsolete. Consider breaking down large items like a big entertainment center, a desk, and two broken pieces of furniture that thrift stores wouldn't want. Break these apart so that you can dispose of them in your weekly trash pick-up.
  • Books can be recycled.
  • Shred papers with account numbers and names before throwing out.
  • Put a dumpster in your driveway. Call your trash disposal company to find out the cost and sizes of dumpsters they provide.
  • 1- 800 - Junk takes everything for a fee. If you want it gone, this is quick and easy.
8. Make Some $$$
  • Craigslist, ebay, and yard sales are ways to make money for your items that are in good shape. Having a yard sale takes time and effort, but can be very successful. 

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen 

  1. Open windows.
  2. Remove and clean window coverings.  
  3. For each cabinet or drawer: Remove items, wipe out drawer, place items back neatly.  Donate unneeded items.
  4. Wash and sanitize cutting boards
  5. Sharpen knives
  6. Wash cabinet doors and knobs
  7. Clean and organize pantry.  Check food expiry dates.
  8. Clean oven.
  9. Clean stove top. Remove elements and drip bowls, if applicable, wash and put back.
  10. Clean and organize fridge and freezer.  Defrost freezer, if necessary.  Check food expiry dates.
  11. Clean under fridge and stove.
  12. Vacuum refrigerator coils.
  13. Clean microwave.
  14. Clean crumbs out of toaster.
  15. Clean and descale kettle.
  16. Wipe down any other counter appliances
  17. wash counters and back splash.
  18. Wash and shine sink.  Shine faucet. Clean drain.
  19. Clean Dishwasher.
  20. Dust light fixtures.
  21. Wash windows and window sills.  Remove window screens and wash.
  22. Wash switch plates.  
  23. Wash walls and trim as needed.
  24. Wash doors and door knobs.
  25. Wash floor registers and other vent covers
  26. Sweep and wash floor.  
  27. Reseal grout lines, if necessary.
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Happy Spring!

Rachel and Drew

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