An Icon is art, but more than art.
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Texas Studio

After spending a wonderful, but cold, Christmas in Jackson Hole, I am spending three weeks in our home in Arlington, Texas, where the afternoons are in the '60's. Even though technically we have been in our house for almost a year, actual days spent there have been few. 

My main goal this trip was to get into my studio and make it a place where I can work. Too much clutter still surrounds me, but it is so much better. I also got all of our framed things off the dining room floor and into the front bedroom. We can serve a proper meal. 

The icon on the table is The Virgin of the Sign. Yes, two unfinished icons are waiting for me back in Jackson so this one makes three. I will be back in Jackson next week ready to tackle a new and bigger project after finishing up the other three. Take care of yourselves and let me hear from you.
Conception. What a concept!
Virgin of the Sign Icon
Virgin of the Sign

The unfinished Virgin of the Sign is trying to tell me something, but I am having a hard time sitting still and painting, much less listening.

Behold the Beauty of the Lord
Praying with Icons 

Henri Nouwen talks us through his experiences of praying with icons. Behold the Beauty of the Lord is a down-to-earth book about heavenly things.

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