Cashes Ledge
Make a Monumental Difference

Urgent action is needed! Join forces with W2O and  Voice your support for the protection of the first Atlantic Ocean marine monument The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts. They support abundant marine life including sea turtles, corals, sea birds, sharks, whales and seals. A change in policy could threaten this habitat and the health of our oceans!  Raise your voice by July 8th to urge Secretary Zinke to keep these areas protected.
Help Restore our Coastal Habitats:
Head to the Ocean's Edge for 
 A Hands-On Workshop to Restore Seagrass

S ave the date for A Members Only Event
 Tuesday, September 12th at 10am 

Eelgrass restoration

W2O dives into a coastal restoration project on the North Shore. Join members as we harvest and plant eelgrass in  Essex Bay and then head to Woodman's Seafood Restaurant for lunch.
Lunch cost not included.
Keep a lookout for more details!

Celebrate Science on the Cape in August!

W2O is again sponsoring the Gills Club Luncheon on Wednesday, August 16th. The Gills Club connects girls with female research scientists to learn about their shared shar k passion and encourage interest in STEM learning.

Get your tickets today  to support this event! 

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Volume II, Issue VII, July 2017