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Please copy and personalize this letter from the Best Life Alliance:

Dear Senator:

Thank you for your efforts thus far to address the potential devastating 7% cut to community based disability services.

The current Senate position on the 7% cut is a short term fix and not a long term solution. As the conference committee process begins, please keep these important points in mind about the current Senate position on the 7% cut in the Omnibus Supplemental Finance bill.

  • This bill will result in an eventual 5% cut to individuals' rates for community based disability services.
  • By passing this cut, the Senate is not facing the funding and infrastructure crisis that community based disability services are experiencing across the state.
  • Any cut will result in less resources available for staffing and access to community services for people with disabilities.
  • Please stop, not just delay, the 7% cut. Doing so will support people with disabilities and the direct care staff who support them to live their best lives.

Thank you.

Thanks on behalf of MOHR and the Best Life Alliance.

Your participation means a lot.