You must look at these terrible CNN photos of 
Saudi-U.S. caused 
in Yemen.

Israel Cuts Electricity Going to Gaza

What it Means to One Mother
Actor James Cromwell Sentenced for Activism
Academy Award nominee g iven week in jail for 2015 protest of methane power plant construction.

"Methane is 100X Worse than CO2"
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New report, new campaign
Is the Climate Situation worse than we thought?

We've been reporting on the grave warnings of  Robert Howarth who said that we're on a path to  go past the critical 1.5 (C) degree world temperature increase in 2030.  However a new report in the prestigious science journal Nature says we have only  three years  to mend our ways.  We have to get greenhouse gas emissions to start decreasing in just three years or we go past the critical world temperature limit.

These folks in M2020 say three years is enough time

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