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November 13, 2014
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The Mayor's Corner

with Edward J. Zabrocki

I'd like to take a few moments to update you on the status of the 280-acre Tinley Park Mental Health Center property, which at present is generating zero tax dollars. I mentioned previously that the Village is looking into buying this large parcel so we're able to control what's developed there and ensure it meets the standards and serves the citizens of Tinley Park in the best way possible.

While we continue to work with the State of Illinois to develop a purchase agreement, during Tuesday's Committee of the Whole meeting we reviewed the results of a phase one report conducted by Farr Associates. An executive summary of that report, which is available by clicking here, outlines some of the reasons why the Village is looking at the property, what resources will be required to develop the site, how the purchase and cleanup of the site will affect taxes, and how development of the property will affect the South and North street projects in Downtown Tinley.

In order for Tinley Park to prosper long into the future, the trustees envision a best-in-region development based on core values of community, beauty, authenticity, sustainability, health and happiness. To that end, there are some very important guiding principles that were developed as a result of interviews with key stakeholders that the Village is keeping in mind throughout this entire process.

First, we want to ensure the neighborhoods are walkable. As walkability improves, home values increase, and homes become more desirable places to live. We also want to improve pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, connectivity between the east and west sides of town, and better access to Village facilities and amenities.

The property should also provide accessible and high-quality open spaces, which adds value to master-planned developments, especially with a younger generation that prefers public parks and soccer fields over golf courses. We also want to reclaim the natural hydrology of the area through strategies that use hydrologic corridors as linear parks.

The property should also allow for a mix of uses and provide a diverse array of housing types such as tri- and four-plexes, live/work units and courtyard apartments. Housing diversity allows folks to "age in place," meaning they can start living on a block in one type of housing and move to a different unit on the same block as they age.

The Tinley Park Mental Health Center property is in Cook County and across the street from Will County, where property taxes are much lower for businesses. Retail development may be limited because of this, but we believe there may be some opportunities for small-scale retail.

Moving forward, we'll begin phase two, which will involve a planning study and an opportunity for public input. I look forward to planning our future together. The potential for this property is great, and I'm excited at what the future holds.



CPA deadline extended to Dec. 1

Residents now have until Dec. 1, 2014 to register for the Tinley Park Police Department's Citizen's Police Academy, a 12-week program designed to provide a working knowledge of both the police department and law enforcement in general.
The program is offered free of charge and is limited to 25 students per session. Applicants must be age 21 or older and live or work within the Village of Tinley Park.
The goal of the academy is to provide citizens with an opportunity to see how the police department serves the community. Residents will learn how and why specific or certain decisions are made, while taking into consideration the impact those decisions will have within the community.
Each weekly block of instruction will run from 7 to 10 p.m. Classes will start on Thursday, Jan. 15 and will end on Thursday, April 9 with a graduation banquet. The program will be both informative and educational, with some classes allowing hands-on participation.
Applications are available at the Tinley Park Police Department, 7850 W. 183rd St.
For more information, contact Sgt. Keith Sullivan or officer Perry Dubish at (708) 444-5300.

Police remind residents to buckle up

Police and safety officials in Tinley Park are reminding residents to fasten their seat belts and drive sober during the Thanksgiving holiday or run the risk of receiving a ticket.
The Tinley Park Police Department is joining the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Illinois State Police (ISP) and local law enforcement agencies across the state to save more lives by strongly enforcing seat belt and impaired driving laws.
"Whether you're going across town or across the state this Thanksgiving, please make sure everyone in the car is wearing their seat belt," Sgt. Chris Butler of the Tinley Park Police Department said. "By law in Illinois, everyone must wear a seat belt no matter what seating position. Our officers are prepared to ticket anyone who is not wearing a seat belt and arrest those choosing to drive impaired."
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