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and ready to take flight.  

 This Week: Send in your YES! vote to the State Senate 
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Progress is Happening so Let's Push it to the Next Level

T his week HB2 has moved over from the House and its first vote in the Senate is this Friday. Now is the time to resend your letter or create a new one.

Please submit testimony by Thursday the 16th at noon.

On Friday, March 17th, HB2 is being read and voted on in dual Committee meetings
(Agriculture & Environment, and Public Safety, Intergovernmental & Military Affairs)  
We need both of their approvals to move it forward to the full Senate and then the Governor.

See details on submitting testimony below. Even just clicking SUPPORT is enough to cast your YES! vote. A letter can be uploaded and then also sent to each State Senator. Request the list of Senator emails at greenschool@oneisland.org
More Housing = More Farmers = More Local Food! 
video and share ideas

Next Tiny House Gathering is Wednesday, March 22nd
in Honoka'a. 

We have the first draft of the Working Group recommendations to share and will ask for your feedback and suggestions as we keep an eye on actual implementation parameters.
6:30-8pm session working in small groups to pave the way. 

RSVP for directions to greenschool@oneisland.org .

How to Send Testimony to The State Senate in Support of Tiny Houses for Hawaii 
HB2 is adding farm housing options under 500 sq feet, permanent or on wheels, as additional structures on working farms, to the law for allowable ag land use. 
1) Read the proposed legislation in House Bill 2 (see underlined section),
then prepare your concise testimony and submit your comments during the next testimony window, open through Thursday, March 16th at noon. 
See HB2  web page  - latest version is titled HB2 HD2 

2) On that HB2 web page, click on the blue SUBMIT TESTIMONY and set up an account to testify. Once you do have an account, you can search for HB2 and then click on the SUBMIT TESTIFY button. Be sure to click on SUPPORT, paste/write in, or attach, any testimony, and go to the next page to actually click SUBMIT.

3) Next, send one email that reaches every Senator by emailing your comments or letter using a BCC to include each Senator. If you'd like a list of State Senator emails to send your letter this weekend or early next week,
email greenschool@oneisland.org to request the list.

Your online testimony is provided to every Senator on the two Committee before their vote on Friday.

Your individual letters can show all of the State Senators our strong support for Tiny House Solutions before they vote.

Green is a Verb - Let's Build It!

Mahalo to Hawaii County Council for their support of HB2!