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Build a "Live" computerized Sectional Map
An eye catching, unique project for turning a sectional map into a live data weather tool!
There are very creative minds at work as witnessed by a project you may want to consider: taking your favorite paper sectional map and making it come alive with live weather information .

Specifically, colored LED lights at airport locations of your choice will indicate flight rule operations (VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR) in synch with METAR data from the National Weather service. A quick glance at this map will inform pilots of weather conditions as they change in almost real time.

Watch here for a demonstration and explanation of this fun project you can build yourself:

Map builder explains construction!
Vans RV12 : try Building the Tail using step by step DVD videos
If you have been contemplating an aircraft kit project like Van's RV12, why not take a low risk approach to experiencing just how much work - and fun it would be. Low-risk means that for just the price of our  RV-12 Tail assembly DVD  you can watch the step by step effort and the tools required to make it go together.
Building a kit aircraft of any type takes an enormous amount of time and focus on the part of the builder. For some, this means more than one year of building effort before the project is flyable.

After watching our RV12 Empennage (Tail) DVD you will completely understand what it takes to succeed- not just with finishing the tail, but you will then posses a realistic understanding of building the entire kit

A HomebuiltHELP DVD prepares you for the adventure to come. Purchase the Tail DVD now and keep your dream alive! Watching over another's shoulder is like having a helper around that has done the task before!
Assembling RV12 canopy mechanism
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