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December 2011

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FitnesstipWorkout Tricks 

Fitness Tip

Personal Training


Whether you are working out in a gym or outside, remember to factor in all the muscles and work them all fairly equally.


You must have balance and strength in all muscles, especially opposing muscle groups. By not ensuring this one tip, you are setting yourself up for injury.


Hire a personal trainer, even if it's for a few sessions. It's well worth the money as they can set you up with a program that will ensure you get the best workout possible for you, your goals and your body.

Seek out a trainer that works well with you.


At Alter Ego Fitness Experience we do Personal Training as well as run coaching. Call or email the office for further details.


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Nutrition Food For Thought 

Nutrition Tip

 Mixed Fruits



S - STAND far away from your weakness.  Don't be within arms length of the junk food.

M - Be MINDFUL when eating. Decide in advance what your limits are.

A - Keep ACTIVE. Balance out your food intake with activities that help you burn calories.

R - REMEMBER your appetite. Only eat what your stomach can hold. Eat until you're satisfied, not stuffed!

T - TASTE a bit of everything - but just a taste. Some small indulgences are okay and you won't feel deprived or crave what you shouldn't have.


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Help The Less Fortunate


Please remember that this is the time of year that is especially difficult for those less fortunate than ourselves.


 100.3 The Q is having a "Stuff the Bus" event this Saturday, December 10th where they are asking everyone to help them stuff a double-decker bus with toys, clothes and food. The bus will be at Tillicum Mall all day.

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Water BottleWe've recently ordered some stainless steel water bottles and some awesome duffel/sports bags.

The water bottles will sell for $13.50 and the bags will be $20.00 (plus HST).
Sport BagWe're hoping that they'll arrive in time to be available as Christmas presents.
"You were fantastic! I really enjoyed the program. I believe in your technique and brag about your program all the time. I've been to other boot camps and they don't do any of the follow-up on nutrition or worry about correct form. Thank you!"   -  Julie T.      




Here's a brief look at what we've got for you in this issue:

Healthy Holiday Survival Tips! 

Below are a few tips on how you can safely navigate your way through the various holiday parties, open houses, buffets and busy run-off-the-feet days!  For more info, click HERE



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Give The Gift of Health - Save 20%  This Christmas, give the gift of health.  We're offering a discount on gift certificates for Personal Training and/or our 6-Week Training Session classes.


We also have a BONUS Training Session OFFER, check it out!

For more info, click HERE


Workout Tricks (Fitness Tip)

Each month, we share a fitness related tip/suggestion/tidbit.  These may be specific to a particular exercise, or may be more general in nature.  To view this month's Fitness Tip, click HERE

Food For Thought (Nutrition Tip)

Each month, we also share a nutrition related tip/suggestion/tidbit.  Again, these may be specific to a particular food group, health issue and/or may be more general in nature.

To view this month's Nutrition Tip, click HERE


 Healthy Holiday Survival Tips!  



December brings a sense of urgency, some stress and also fun times to see friends and spend time with family.  Our society tends to celebrate with food (and often drink) smack in the middle of it all.  Holiday parties are notorious for finger foods filled with high-glycemic carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.


5 Things ChecklistBelow are a few tips on how to navigate your way through the holiday parties, open houses, buffets and busy, run-off-the-feet days.


Skip the following appetizers:


Dips.  Skip the creamy, cheesy dips and opt for fresh salsa, yogurt, or try yogourt cheese instead.


Cocktail franks and mini-meatballs.  Neither is a good source of lean protein and both can pack a big serving of calories and sodium. Choose peel-and-eat shrimp or sushi instead.


Anything fried.  From mini-eggrolls and quiche to chicken wings, deep-fried foods contain altered fats that are detrimental to the body. Whole grain crackers and a small slice of low-fat cheese can satisfy a savory craving with far fewer calories and fat.


Foie gras.  Its controversial origins aside, foie gras is a high-fat spread that has little nutritional benefit. Give it a pass and choose hummus instead - an animal-friendly source of soluble fiber.


Ideas of some healthier choices:


Crudit�s. The fiber in veggies will help fill you up, and they provide a nice, satisfying crunch. Choose a spectrum of colors (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots are good choices) and serve with low- or non-fat plain yogurt. Add some fresh herbs and seasonings for flavor.


Mixed nuts. When eaten sparingly, nuts are a terrific snack. Walnuts are a favorite, as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Almonds and roasted soy nuts are also good choices. Nuts can be high in calories and fat (even if it's the healthy monounsaturated kind) so don't overindulge.


Fine Dining - SalmonSmoked salmon. Salmon (especially wild Alaskan sockeye salmon) provides omega-3 fatty acids, the anti-inflammatory, essential fats our bodies need for optimum health.


One of the best pieces of advice you can follow is the Scout and Girl Guide motto of "Be Prepared!Have plenty of food already prepared and have your menu plans.  You will be busy and you don't want to get caught having to pick up something high in fat and sugar to get you through a missed meal or two.


Eat before you go to a party or get together.  That way, you won't feel the need to head straight to the appy table.  When hungry and with low blood sugar levels, one tends to have eyes bigger than their stomach AND they start to crave the high fat, high sugar foods.


If you are drinking alcohol, have a glass of water after every alcoholic drink.  Eat some protein to help combat the sugarWater Glass high which usually accompanies drinking alcohol.  Remember, have a safe ride home too!  A good point to remember:  the mind does not feel 'full' on liquid calories, so be careful in your choice of drinks and don't pack in too many calories by choosing egg nog or creamy type drinks.


If you are indulging, keep track!  With all the parties planned you want to keep track of how much you are eating that is not considered healthy or clean eating.  Did you know that on average, most people will gain up to 6 pounds during this holiday period!  That's quite a bit of damage to correct.  So, the longer you take to get back to the gym, or back to working out and eating healthier, the harder it will be to lose that unwanted body fat gain.




Give The Gift of Health - Save 20% 



Special Offer Button

That's right, you can give the gift of health AND save money!

This Christmas, do something that will ensure that your loved ones and friends are around for a long, healthy time.  Send them out to play with us!  Show them that you REALLY care by giving them the gift of health. 


Buy a gift certificate for them to get some Personal Training, or join us in one of our 6-Week Training Sessions, and we'll ensure that we send them home to you as a fitter, healthier and happier person.


Certificates can be purchased in a specific dollar amount you choose or for the full purchase price of the Training Session.  Either way, you'll receive a 20% discount!  


Contact the office ASAP to get your Christmas shopping done early and start your loved ones on a healthier lifestyle.  This discount offer expires on Saturday, December 17th.


Bonus SignAND, we have a BONUS offer for you - to help you combat that unwanted gain over the holidays! Right now we're offering a 4-Week "Carry On Through the Holidays" Training Program that will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday early morning and evening starting December 20th and taking you right up to January 12th.


Remember, consistently working out helps release those endorphins that help you handle stress better, not to mention the workouts will keep you active and your metabolism reved up for those "small" indulgences you're sure to have over the holidays.


The next 6-Week Training Program starts January 16th and if you commit to BOTH the 4-Week and the 6-Week Training Programs, we will give you a 15% discount off EACH ONE!


That's 10 solid weeks of consistent workouts and nutritional advice at a great price!


Included in these prices will be the "before and after" Comprehensive Body Assessment where you'll learn your current body fat percent, your BMI and your hydration level as well as a postural analysis.


Please contact the office for further details on either of these Programs or in combining both Programs.

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Christmas TreeIn closing, the Staff at Alter Ego Fitness Experience, wish you a very happy, fun and safe holiday season.  May your New Year be filled with health, happiness and love.

Yours in fitness,