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Taking "The 10 Minute Diabetes Vacation"

Highlights from the June

Hawthorne Diabetes Group gathering 

Summer's here and we're in vacation mode!

Here are some tips on how to take a safe diabetes vacation this season.

For more detailed information on each of these tips, visit the Tips & Tools page at www.3peachesnutrition.com and download the "Taking a Diabetes Vacation" handout.

1. A safe vacation doesn’t last too long and involves planning ahead.

2. An unsafe vacation from diabetes is ignoring your diabetes; it is something that might go on for a long time and can threaten your health.

3. Include your healthcare team in a vacation plan.

4. For a safe diabetes vacation, one good guideline is to do the very basics of your diabetes management responsibilities.

5. Consider bringing in another person who can help with your diabetes care (ex: cooking a meal, checking your blood sugars, tracking medication and supplements).

Click the link for a second great resource on this topic: Personal Rewards: Ways to Treat Yourself without Food

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Coming Up July 20th

July Hawthorne Diabetes Group

How to Build a Power Salad

July is the heart of salad season. 

This month we will explore the “power salad meal" which is delicious, nutritious, and great for your blood sugar.

Melissa Olson, MS in Nutrition, joins us to demonstrate how to make customized power salads using greens, beans, grains, and more. We’ll also discuss various salad dressing recipes as well as purchasing and storing techniques. This is an evening of hands-on learning and tasty samples you won’t want to miss.

Let’s raise the “salad bar”!

Date:  Thursday, July 20th

Time: 7-8:30pm

Location: Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church ~  2828 SE Stephens St. Portland, OR 97214

RSVP: Click here or contact me: julia@3peachesnutrition.com, 503-504-5050

$15 donation requested 
(our usual $10 suggested donation plus an additional $5 to cover cost of ingredients)
No one will be turned away.
3 Peaches on the Radio!
~ Catch Julia's interview with Empire Radio Now ~

Earlier this month, Empire Radio Now invited Julia to be a guest on their show. During this interview, Julia discussed the rhythms of diabetes; how diabetes management is restoring one of the natural rhythms of life. The importance of self-compassion as a tool for heath and well-being was another point of discussion.

Follow this link to listen to the full interview: Julia Hanfling - Nutrition & Diabetes