August 2017
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If you mount up without a social media strategy, you're going to fall off - or saddle yourself with a time-consuming task that gets no results.
Take the reins for social media success

Does your business want to sell products or services to corporate buyers? A just-released study shows businesses effectively using social media are riding higher than others: 82% of B2B buyers surveyed said a vendor's social media content has an impact on their buying decisions.
Fully 74% of consumers rely on social media to make buying decisions.
If your business is stalled when it comes to social media, you need get on that horse and take the reins. But first, learn the basics so you don't fall off.
6 tips to giddy-up on social media

Even a super-powered smartphone will take low-quality pictures if the user lacks basic skills.
Smartphones, not-so-smart photos   
If your organization doesn't have the budget for a professional photographer, you are probably grateful when employees offer to take photos with their cell phones to use in marketing and social media. 

Then comes the awkward moment when you have to tell the employees that their photos were not usable because the quality was too low. The pictures were blurry, too dark, too light, shot too close or too far away, weirdly cropped, or featured ponytails and bald spots instead of faces.  

Are there simple ways to get better smartphone photos from well-meaning amateurs? 

Get 5 tips for better smartphone photos 

While you can't wave a magic wand and make blog topics appear, you can find inspiration if you know where to look.
Fantastic blog topics and where to find them

Consistently posting reader-pleasing content to a blog can be tricky. One of the biggest challenges is deciding what to write about.

Think about what interests your audience: If your company sells to would-be wizards, a post about fishing tips won't hook them. A post on the use of fish scales in potions, on the other hand, would probably net quite a few. 

That's one of the tips our blogging wizards have conjured up. Click the link for more.

Magic tricks for blog posts that get clicks

Case Study with Tips
UGI, a Fortune 500 company, needed a sophisticated design for an important presentation.
Presentation design helps UGI inform investors

UGI Corporation came to Hollister Creative to design a PowerPoint presentation for use at its bi-annual Investor Day event. 

The design challenges were (a) take the company's presentations to a new level of design sophistication while maintaining a serious tone and (b) convey sections of information about individual subsidiaries as part of a cohesive whole.

Learn how we did it - and what you can do to increase the design sophistication of your presentations.

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Have a ball - instantly!
Life is full of boring moments - long lines, longer meetings, endless first dates. So what can lighten the mood? Instant Beach Ball! This portable fun-starter packs compactly into a 3" round tin and can be whipped out and inflated at a moment's notice. 

Made of vinyl and 12" in diameter, this colorful fun prop also is great at beach or pool parties - or any gathering where you want to add some energy and laughs!

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