December 2017
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Free workshop from MarCom Alliance and Google
Join us in January to get insights straight from Google on engaging your audience at every step of their journey from prospect to customer.
Marketing Advice
Talking turkey about the English language
From misplaced modifiers to excessive exclamations, these content errors ruffle our feathers no matter what the time of year.
An organization's success happens by design         
Are you including quality graphic design in your marketing strategy? If not, you should - it affects everything from your branding to the visual representation of your organization's website.
B2B vs B2C marketing: What's the difference?

While the goals are the same, different approaches are required for reaching businesses or consumers.
Case Study with Tips
Flexibility was key to turn nonprofit's new newsletter into template  

When ABC-LM needed to create a publication, Hollister Creative's team came up with a clean, attractive design that can be repurposed for future editions.

You Want This
Forget visions of sugar plums -
you want this instead
Forget tradition: Feed your holiday spirit with a flavor that's decidedly different. We're giving away candy canes with flavors only a deranged elf could love. Choose from dill pickle, coffee, bacon, or go for fire and brimstone with the smoky cinnamon heat of Krampus canes. Want to land on Santa's naughty list? Select wasabi and slip one to a (soon to be former) friend. And, if you have no holiday spirit whatsoever, choose the flavorless Bah, Humbug! cane and embrace your inner Scrooge.

If you would like this gift, click to answer the question in this email!  Three subscribers who answer the question  will be randomly selected to receive the flavor of their choice.
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