November 2017
Marketing Advice
Sponsorship soup: It's delicious and nutritious!
Is investing in an event sponsorship a good marketing move? Absolutely - but don't just break out the checkbook and expect results. We'll show you how to get the most bang for your buck.
Picture your brand on Instagram      
Is it the right social media tool for your organization? We have a few tips that might help you decide if this rapidly growing, visual-first medium is a good fit .
Social impact marketing: A way to change the world

More consumers are choosing organizations that embrace social responsibility. The right marketing helps those organizations extend their reach and their impact.
Case Study with Tips
Evolving to stay on the leading edge

Does your website show prospects your business as it currently is, or as it was the last time you updated the site?  Learn from the experience of Talent Strategy Partners - what to do when your brand messaging and design no longer fit.

You Want This
Would you like a cherry pie?
On "Twin Peaks," Agent Cooper just loved the "damn fine cherry pie" served at the local diner, and with Thanksgiving coming you'll love the cherry pie we're serving up as this month's giveaway. It's an air freshener you can hang to make any space smell like Grandma's kitchen - delicious, nostalgic and rich in memories. Best of all, it's no calorie, so enjoy it all you like!

If you would like this gift, click to answer the question in this email!  Three subscribers who answer the question  will be randomly selected to receive a cherry pie air freshener.
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