October 2017
News from Hollister Creative
Becoming a social impact marketing agency  
Our team has been talking about how to make Hollister Creative a force for good.
We agreed: Clients hire us to help them make a bigger impact on their audiences. By doing this, we help our clients become more successful. Each client's growth in size, resources and influence increases its ability to have a positive social impact in the community.
We concluded: Hollister Creative could be a greater force for good if we became intentional about serving socially conscious organizations.
Starting now, that is our intent: to use our skills in strategy, design and content to help for-profit and nonprofit organizations that have, or want to have, social impact. We are making our intention clear to all by calling our business a social impact marketing agency.
To be the change we want to see, Hollister Creative also will begin donating to nonprofits 3% of new creative services revenue from social impact clients. If the client or its affiliated foundation is a 501(c)(3), the donation check will go there. If the client is for-profit, the donation check will go to the United Way's Impact Fund.

Marketing Advice
Elements of (brand) style
If you don't have a style guide, you risk weakening your brand with every communication that's seen by the public. From colors to fonts, content tone to logo use, consistency is key.
Stop butchering our #@$% apostrophes!     
Please pardon our language - we're feeling a little possessive about the use of apostrophes.
Apostrophes are being bullied in print, online, on signs and on billboards. We're here to stand up for the little guy - and show you how to use them correctly.
Do your marketing emails make the grade?

Millions of emails are sent every day. How do you ensure that yours get results, and not end up in the trash bin or spam folder? We have a few tips.
You Want This
This will really make your skin crawl
Now ear this: Halloween is coming and it's time to get your creep on! And for many people, there is nothing creepier than spiders. This through-the-ear spider stud earring will delight the ghoulish and freak the squeamish and make you the talk of the office or Halloween party.  

If you would like to put the EEE! in Halloween with this spider stud, click to answer the question in this email!  Three subscribers who answer the question  will be randomly selected to receive a creepy spider stud.
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