September 2017
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If your website URL starts with 'http' now is the time to secure and protect it
In today's marketplace, your website is not only the online face of your business - it's your platform for transactions, communications or interactions with clients.
If your website URL begins with 'http' there is big news from Google you need to be aware of. Google is starting to warn visitors to "http" websites that such sites are "not secure," and that is a big deal for businesses whose Internet presence is important to marketing and sales. It could both undermine the trust of clients and visitors and undercut their willingness to do business with you.
To address this issue, Hollister Creative has created low-cost WordPress Website Maintenance Plans that can secure and protect your website for as little as $140 per month. Through these plans:
  • We obtain an SSL security certificate for you so your URL will start with "https."
  • We create the best available defense against hacking, malware and performance issues. 
  • We back up your entire site daily, making site restoration far less costly if there is a breach. 
  • We rev up your site loading speed, which raises your site's search engine ranking.
  • With our Plus plan, we perform all requested content updates each month!  

Marketing Advice

People who excel at makeovers have a special kind of vision: the ability to see what is
and see what could be.
Do you see what I see?

Some people see things others don't. We're not talking about clairvoyants or people who see dead people.  
We're talking about the vision and insight that come from professional knowledge, experience and skill. The vision of stylists and interior designers who can look at an ordinary face or home and see the chic potential. The vision to imagine possibilities.
Learn how graphic designers can look at an outdated website or brochure and see it transformed for a 2017 audience.
See when and how to refresh a design  
What do crooked headlights
and misspelled words have in common?
Grabbing a potential client's trust starts with the first impression. Often, that's your marketing materials. If they're full of errors, you're sending a message that you don't care.

While brochures might be the fundraising equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife, it's important to identify your specific audience.
You can write a better fundraising brochure

A fundraising brochure can be a nonprofit's best friend, but this versatile tool shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all effort. With just a few simple writing techniques, you can personalize the content and appeal to potential donors' emotions.
Case Study with Tips
Simplicity brings clarity to detailed information 
Beacon, a network of 1,000+ senior executives, sought Hollister Creative's help in bringing clarity to its first-ever sponsorship solicitation materials. 
Lots of options are offered for annual sponsorships as well as sponsorship of social and holiday events, Beacon subgroups, and a big 15th Anniversary Celebration coming up on Nov. 2.
The challenge for both content and design was to simplify complex, detailed information and present it in a way that would not overwhelm prospective sponsors. 
Find out how we achieved that goal and get tips on how to brin g clarity to all kinds of complex  communications.
You Want This
Get answers to your burning questions
Wouldn't it be great to hold the future in the palm of your hand? Now you can, thanks to the World's Smallest Magic 8 Ball. Since the 1950s, Magic 8 Balls have been answering questions and making predictions, but they were kind of clunky to carry around. Now they have been shrunk to the size of a quarter to fit in even the smallest pocket or purse. Get the answers you need! Entertain your friends! This small package is one good thing to have.

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