Just for you...tips to help keep caregivers of those with dementia healthy.

Caregiver Solutions Guide: Tips to Keep You Healthy
June is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month. Go Purple this month to show support for the movement. And to keep you healthy as a caregiver, this month's newsletter features the following tips:
  • Having trouble sleeping? We have found some tips for getting a good night's rest
  • Helpful advice for caring for the caregiver
  • Lessons learned from other caregivers
  • Plus, you know that you're a Baby Boomer if...
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6 Tips for Managing Sleep Problems in Alzheimer's

When discussing Alzheimer's care, rarely does anyone warn you about interrupted sleep. The reality is that those with Alzheimer's oftentimes have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep which can lead to late night wandering through the house. 

The National Institute on Aging has six helpful hints for managing sleep problems in your loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia.

A Good Night's Sleep for the Caregiver

Rejuvenating sleep is essential to good health, especially for the caregiver. As we age, getting a full-night of restful sleep can be challenging. Lack of sleep can also affect your patience as a caregiver.
The National Institute on Aging has a few tips to help you get the sleep that you deserve.

Caring for the Caregiver

As a caregiver, you are a superhero. You heed the call and care for loved ones often without a break. Although you may not be able to leap a tall building with a single bound, you are able to juggle the tasks of daily care and provide a loving environment for those with Alzheimer's and related dementia. 

To continue your role as superhero, you need to care for yourself. It is not always easy to make time for yourself, but as the airlines remind us, in case of emergency, ensure your oxygen mask is on first before providing care to others.

From reducing stress to setting goals to seeking solutions, this article can offer helpful solutions for to get you back to superhero status.

Lessons Learned: An Honest Assessment

Sometimes when one is so close to a situation, perspective is lost. At a recent Town Hall Forum, ActivCare's COO, Todd Shetter, shared some lessons learned from his more than twenty years of experience helping families who are caring for loved ones with dementia.

Todd offered some words of wisdom for caregivers. He suggested an honest assessment of the impact of care on caregivers and offered suggestions for getting through challenging times. Here is an excerpt from his presentation.

Lessons Learned
You Know That You are a Baby Boomer If...
  • You had to watch a TV show when it was actually being broadcast.
  • A "landline" was your only phone number.
  • You remember payphones and phone booths.
  • School projects were researched in encyclopedias or the library.
  • You remember life without computers...and actually lived through it.
  • Your idea of being social was talking to friends and family face to face.
  • A camera was a separate device AND you had to wait until the film was developed before you could see if you got a good shot.
  • An Apple was only a piece of fruit.
  • You walked to school.
  • You saved up your S&H Green Stamps.
  • Tin Foil could be used as a makeshift TV antenna or a nifty hat.
  • Back to school shopping meant perusing the Sears Catalog...when there was a Sears Catalog...and when there was a Sears.
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