Tired of giving out 1 day codes to out of area brokers & contractors?
Now there is an easier way to give access & track when they go into the property.......
Use SentriConnect!
The SentriConnect Mobile App allows the listing agent to grant temporary access to their lockboxes, that are assigned to a property, for those who don't already have access like contractors, out of area brokers or locked out of homeowners. SentriConnect allows the listing agent to grant access to a specific lockbox for a specific duration of time and receive instant notifications of when the SentriConnect user accesses the lockbox.

Using SentriSmart Mobile App, the listing agent will simply select the lockbox and enter the day and times they are allowing access along with an email address and phone number for the SentriConnect user. Quick, Easy and Secure! This is better than giving out a one day code, as you get instant notification when the lockbox is accessed.

How to grant access:
  • SentriSmart App 
  • Click on the lockbox/listing number that you need to grant access to - the lockbox must be assigned to the property in order for this to work.
  • Go to Lockbox Tools
  • Tap on Grant SentriConnect Access
  • Enter in the email address, mobile phone number, start date and time and end date and time. This is up to you as to how much time you are giving the person to get in the property.
  • Tap Grant Access (bottom of page)
  • You will need to enter in your PIN

That person will then receive a notification that they can download the SentriConnect App, which they will use to access the lockbox. They will need to setup the app on their phone with their information.