Meet Roger:
  To who m do I turn?
  Roger is a young 21 year-old man with his whole life ahead of him.  He enjoys making his own music and spending time with his friends. He also plans to finish school, get a job, and have a family one day, but...
Ro ger's life until now has had a few twists and turns few his age could fathom. He was born with HIV and has now lost both of his parents.  Roger's mother passed away at Doug's House and he spent many formative years without her. He and his brother lived with their dad until he suddenly passed away too, less than a year ago.  Roger quickly found himself homeless and without the stability and support parents typically provide, something every young person needs. 

He wants to be in a committed  r elationship but has trouble navigating the dynamics of disclosing his status - telling women he is positive too soon scares them off, but telling them too late makes them mad for not having the information sooner he says.  Like many other areas of his life, he often finds himself in a tough spot because he is HIV+.  He says the main challenge he faces is just finding a way to survive each day.  He thinks about death a lot more than other people his age and often feels guilty sharing his problems and fears with others because he feels it puts undue stress on them.  Not having parents has played a significant part in some depression that he feels on top of feeling isolated and misunderstood because of his medical issues.  

Roger has been to Doug's House four times since turning 18 and said it has helped him get his health back on track by providing a stable and healthy environment. During this stay he's gotten connected to counseling, case management, and housing options - all which will benefit him once he leaves Doug's House.  He also says having the social interaction with other residents and volunteers is uplifting for him. The staff, specifically, seem genuinely concerned for his well-being and have positive regard for him.  All these factors together are helping him pull the pieces back together.  Since Doug's House has no limit on the number of times someone can be admitted, Project Transitions feels especially fortunate to be able to support Roger on his journey.

Roger's biggest hope for the future is...hope. He wants financial security, stable health, meaningful relationships, and the opportunity to continue making and performing his own music.  He wants to exercise more, get his own place, find someone who genuinely loves him, and become more in touch with God. 
With goals like that, Roger is well on his way to the life he hopes.  Project Transitions' mission is to help him every step of the way. 

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April 30, 2016:  For 17 years, the Hill Country Ride for AIDS has been cycling through the beautiful hill country around Austin, Texas to raise critical funding for ten local AIDS services providers, including Project Transitions. The HCRA has become the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser in central Texas and is the 2nd most successful AIDS ride in the country! We  need riders to join our team, Bike Curious. This is a RIDE not a RACE with distances for every level rider. Whether you choose 13, 27, 43, 65 miles, or the century route, all ages will have the time of their life riding through beautiful scenery and enjoying our famous pitstops along the way. You may also join as a "ghost rider" who will not ride in the race, but will still help fund raise. It's one long party with a finish line and celebration at Krause Springs to honor your accomplishment and the lives it will change. 
Go to   and click "register" at the top of the page. Search for our team, Bike Curious.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner had another successful year!  Thanks to all that attended and made it a fabulous night.   Your generosity helps ensure those living with HIV/AIDS will continue to receive the great services we provide daily. Save the date for the 20th Anniversary of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner next year on February 4th, 2017. 

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